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SAP Intelligent RPA – First Hands On

I first started exploring RPA around 4 years back when we got opportunity to be part of an RPA hackathon that happened in our organization.
There we got opportunity to learn UIPATH and work on some live scenarios interacting with SAP too.

Later when SAP launched IRPA last year. we were so excited. I completed the openSAP course and even tried getting a demo server too.
Then lately we heard about the demo server where were excited to  explore the same.

Compared to UIPATH learning, where we could just complete courses and we could have own bot scenarios.
This was more a complex journey. Took 2 days to figure out things. Blog and answered questions were the most useful source of learning.

Some Blog/documents which helped.
SAP Help

Learning Path

Finally many trial and error, team work.
My simple demo programs worked. Both from studio direct run and from IRPA cloud Factory.

Looking forward to work more scenarios with this.
Licensing Model and the Cloud Factory is a hit compared other RPA tools.

Feel Good Moment:

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    • IRPA we just started exploring .. tried only basic scenario now. Surely will check out your python + irpa possibilities..  Look forward for reading more scenario blogs ?

  • I completely get you.I have been working with multiple RPAs for the past couple of years and had the privilege to try out Contextor way back in April 2019. We even created and end-to-end use case (CAI, Bots, ML) that we showcased to customers and SAP during Sapphire 2019. However learning curve is steep and open sap courses are not sufficient. But I guess its the community that will help each other.

  • Ya. Completely agree with you. The learning curve is really steep when compared to UiPath. More than the OpenSAP courses its the SAP community that is helping. But the pricing model is definitely interesting.

  • Hi Joffy,


    I have got a trial version of IRPA and exploring on Ui Automation and Webservice automation.

    In Deskstop studio Debugger is not working properly. In settings javascript debugger is enabled.

    Is any specific configurations needs to be done to Debugger work properly. Please help.

    • Hi Divya,


      Can you please tell us, what is the specific issue, which you are facing. While you installed, Desktop studio, have you installed KDiff as well. I had this issue in the beginning, and once I installed KDiff, it started working for me.