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How to find CDS Views by just knowing the Field name in SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA?


We are slowly moving to the new era of SAP S/4 HANA CDS view which is becoming very important. It is very important for all the SAP Consultant to know the available CDS view which they can use for Reporting. This blog will show how to find CDS Views based on a Field.


Create a ABAP Query  with the following Join Condition

Below is the Layout for the ABAP Query


Below is the Selection screen of the ABAP Query

Now suppose we wish to get the CDS View related to field KUNNR

Here is the below result



This blog you can use very effectively to find all CDS View.


For video version check below Link.

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  • Hi, how do you get the “get CDs” screen? What’s the navigation/tcode?


    Thanks for sharing these vvi info bytes.

    Really enjoying your posts.



  • You can use SE11--> Enter the CDS View in the View portion. Some of them shows in SE16 also. Still trying to crack why some does not show in SE16 probably a difference in CDS View creation,

  • Please consider searching for the existing posts before creating a new one and looking for the ways to contribute something additional vs repeating. It's nice to share but the repetitive content doesn't really benefit the readers.

    Previous blogs on this subject, the first one looks almost the same: