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How to know all the SAP Business Partner Transaction Code by Just Typing BUPT in SAP S/4 HANA? You must be kidding :)


After working with SAP for more than 15 years and travelling across the Globe for SAP Projects. One issue I always use to have is how can I keep track of all the SAP Transaction Codes associated with any Module. If you are working as a SAP  Consultant you need to keep the name of Transaction Codes in your Fingertips. Sometimes you know from other Experts and sometimes you have to dig it out. After exploring I found a very easy way to dig out the SAP Business Partner Codes in SAP S/4 HANA. Just check this blog and never need to remember the Transaction Code for Standard SAP Business Partner

With SAP S/4 HANA Vendor and Customers are defined as Business Partner. The below tips help you know all the BP related Tcode,


Login to SAP and Type BUPT in Command Bar

Wala below you get all the Transaction Code related to SAP Business Partner Transaction Codes.


Please use this solution any where in SAP S/4 HANA

For video version check below link

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      Author's profile photo Michael Piesche
      Michael Piesche

      Thank you for your current blog series. They are a nice refresher and some even give new insights.

      Just a couple comments about this blog though:

      Your blog and the attached video is about the SAP Area Menu „SAP1 Report Selection“, however, your screenshots are about the SAP Area menu „BUPT Business Partner: Task menu“.

      And these are not transactions, which run e.g. a report and are defined in Database table TSTC, but they are SAP Tree structures defined in database table TTREE with Structure Type „BMENU Structure type for R/3 area menu“ and therefore open a SAP menu.
      Instead of transaction you could either say area menu or simply command. Transactions are surely the majority of commands typed in the command field, but they are not the only ones and clearly distinguish from other commands.

      Voilà and best regards,

      Author's profile photo arghadip kar
      arghadip kar
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Mike

      Thanks for the comments. I made a typo 🙂 I have corrected it now. Thanks again

      Author's profile photo Dorin Marmeliuc
      Dorin Marmeliuc

      Hi Arghadip,


      The BUPT transaction role is to be used within the BDT(Business Data Toolset) and configure the BP transaction/screens/views and so on.

      Normally this transaction is completely blocked as you are not allowed to change screens and data sets as a user or even as a consultant.


      I apologize but the only transaction for Business Partner is the BP transaction, what we have in BUPT is really the backend of the BP transaction and how it is configured....


      Hope this clarifies the concept.

      Best regards,