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SAP Business Application Studio – Info Blog

Earlier this year, we unveiled the new SAP cloud based Development Environment – the SAP Business Application Studio. Since then, we worked very hard to add new features, capabilities and supporting content to the product.

In this blog, I will share a selection of valuable “assets” for anyone that is interested to know more about Business Application Studio. You can also check out this link to see all available Business Application Studio Tutorials.

I hope you will find this list helpful.

The content in the blog is grouped based on the following categories:


SAP Business Application Studio

Product vision & value


Getting to know Business Application Studio


SAP Business Application Studio – DevSpace creation screen


Supported Development Scenarios

One of the key strength of Business Application Studio is in the SAP Development Scenarios optimization. Hereby, is a group of assets dealing with various development scenarios:

SAP Fiori (frontend) development:

Full Stack development:

Building Mobile Apps:

Workflow Management:



SAP Business Application Studio – Getting Started


Web IDE to Business Application Studio migration

If you used to develop business application with SAP Web IDE and you are interested to move your applications to Business Application Studio. You will be happy to find these migration guides.


Other Useful links:


SAP Business Application Studio Intro Video


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  • SAP WebIDE is included in PE Build Multi-cloud packs (e.g. #8005565), while Business Application Studio needs to be licensed per user. So we will probably stick with WebIDE for quite some time. Any plans to include Business Application Studio in Multi-cloud packs?

    • Hi Alejandro,
      SAP Web IDE is sold as a standalone product and included in various packs like the PE Build Multi-cloud packs.
      SAP Business Application Studio is also sold standalone and will be included in the new partner packages. There is no plan to include Business Application Studio in the PE Build Multi-cloud packs.

    • I agree. I see many SAP customers and partners are stuck with WebIDE due to this (who wants to make new, avoidable investments now?). It is a lose-lose scenario both for SAP and its customers. If SAP migrates/converts the existing WebIDE licenses into BAS, then that would be the real win-win scenario.

  • I am a VS Code user and naturally love the Business Application Studio.

    Do you have any plans to move more HANA content (Calculation views etc.) generation functionality into the studio?


  • Great blog. From an Analytics perspective, I see that I can create CDS entities and expose them as OData services. Apart from this as of now what other Analytics features are available in Business Application Studio?

    What are the new features that are going to be added from Analytics perspective apart from being able to create HANA Views?