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How to move away from Excel Cheat Sheet to SAP Personal Value List?


How many of you maintain a list of Vendors, Customers, Materials, Users etc in an excel and every time you need to paste the data from excel to SAP?

Probably Everyone

What if we tell you, you can have the cheat sheet and all those data inside SAP?

Really, how can I have it?


This Tutorial will help you for every button that has a Search Help or Value Help associated with a field.

How to find those?

In any screen you go if a Field has this icon

How to Save your Personal List in Value help. Will save you a lot of time. I am going to Check FBl1N Tcode. Hit this button

Now you get Popup. Search with the name

Hit Enter. You get the result.

Now select your entry as highlighted and hit this button Now Close it.

Next time you hit F4 or this button


We get this value populated. Helps less typing and clicks and less error. Now every field you have a Cheat Sheet ?


Video version


Now you get rid of excel and have all your list in SAP Personal value List


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