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SAP Cloud Application Programming Model – Demo6

Hello All

Here is my blog post on how to connect SAP Cloud Application Programming model application to SQLite Database using SAP Business Application Studio IDE.

Please read and suggest your inputs to my earlier blogs on SAP CAPM:

In this post, i have created the SAP CAPM application following the steps from blog:

Once the project is created, check the output by running the command cds watch in terminal.

Follow the below steps to connect our SAP CAPM application to SQLite Database.

Run the command cds deploy –to sqlite:studentreport.db from terminal.

This adds studentreport.db to our project structure.

Also check the added db details in package.json file.

Open File > Settings > Open Preferences:

Search for Sqltools and click on settings.json:

Add this object to connections in settings.json file.

 "sqltools.connections": [
            "name" : "SQLite",
            "dialect": "SQLite",
            "database": "/home/user/projects/studentreport/studentreport.db"

Check the connections in SQLTools.

Expand the connected Database and check for the data records.

We can insert, check the query details and play around the feasible SQL operations.

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Thank you!! 🙂


BR//Dhanasupriya Sidagam

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