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The Central Communication Center in SAP for Me

Dear SAP for Me users,

We recently launched the SAP for Me Communication Center, and it’s therefore quite possible that many of you now have a few questions:

  • What is the Communication Center, and what is the vision behind it?
  • What capabilities does it offer, and what is in the pipeline?
  • What are messages in the context of the Communication Center?
  • Which message types are available in SAP for Me, and which are going to be added?

This blog will provide you with the details you are looking for.


Entry point for Communication Center (in Top Header)




Communication Center in SAP for Me



What is the Communication Center, and what is the vision behind it?

Do you receive a lot of e-mails from SAP, related to a large number of different topics? If the answer is yes, you might also have noticed that it’s not easy to keep control of the incoming communication. Information that is important for you can often get lost in your mail inbox between your non-SAP mails.

Maybe you’ve also wondered why there isn’t a single location provided by SAP to centralize all messages and to put them into context with your product portfolio. You might also be receptive to the idea of having important messages pushed directly to your mobile device.

With the central Communication Center in SAP for Me, we want to provide a solution to these challenges. We thus have the following vision:

“Provide a central communication center for ALL communication from SAP to its customers, partners or others communicating with SAP”

As you can imagine, this is a pretty ambitious vision, where many communication processes at SAP must be centrally onboarded over time. At the same time, we recognize the opportunity to reduce the amount of total communication or at least to further streamline content and content formatting for better consumption. It will take a considerable amount of time to implement this process, and we will provide updated planning of our onboarding progress in order to inform you when a certain type of message will be supported in SAP for Me.

What capabilities does it offer, and what is in the pipeline?

The following is a list of the capabilities that we currently offer, together with further capabilities that we hope to implement going forward. We have a particular focus on further improving the Communication Center as a central place for exploring and managing messages. We are also committed to extending the existing functional scope of SAP for Me

Communication Center (Available)

  • View list of messages from SAP to you (Available)
  • Inspect a specific message (Available)
  • Immediately act from the Communication Center (Planned)
  • “Opt in” or “opt out” for a specific communication type (Planned)
  • Set your preferred communication medium, such as e-mail, SMS, Communication Center, notification (Planned)

SAP for Me Mobile App (Planned)

  • Same as Communication Center (Planned)
  • Push notification functionality (Planned)

Other functional areas of SAP for Me (Planned)

  • Related messages in product detail page (Planned)
  • Related messages in category detail page (Planned)

The graphic below shows an example of an end-to-end user flow incorporating the Communication Center idea combined with other SAP for Me capabilities (as planned).


What are messages in the context of the Communication Center?

The term “messages” can mean a whole lot of different things. To clarify, let me briefly describe what messages we foresee in the SAP for Me Communication Center.

As mentioned above, you might receive e-mail messages from SAP at present. These are normally related to a particular topic or area of interest. Alternatively, they might be related to a planned event, or perhaps one that has already taken place. In all cases, the starting point for a message of this kind is a specific situation, event or other trigger.

The first thing we do is to categorize these different messages, most likely in alignment with our SAP for Me capability areas:

  • Products & Portfolio
  • Finance & Legal
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Systems & Provisioning
  • Knowledge & Learning
  • Users & Contacts
  • Cross Capabilities

We then identify the different message groups within these categories and – together with the message owners – model the output that will be sent out by the central service. Once we have done this, we know the trigger, the message and ideally the context to connect the message to our semantic network in SAP for Me. We now have the communication flow under control and are ready to send out e-mails and display these messages in the Communication Center. And as soon as we have our SAP for Me native app available, we will also be able to send out notifications to smartphones.


Which message types are available in SAP for Me, and which are going to be added?

As you likely already know, the messages we display in SAP for Me first have to be onboarded to a central service. The first message category and message groups that we onboarded are therefore related to the SAP Community. We are currently working on onboarding further message categories and groups. Here is a quick overview of where we stand on this right now:.

Message Category Message Group Status
SAP Community Content I was mentioned in Available
Moderation events Available
New blogs in tags I follow Available
New direct messages Available
New followers Available
Comments and answers to content I follow Available
New questions in tags I follow Available
Reputation and status changes Available
Updates on my content Available
SAP for Me Release Notes of SAP for Me 2021
Latest News on SAP for Me 2021
Systems & Provisioning Cloud Product Outage messages 2021
Systems & Provisioning Cloud Product Maintenance messages 2021
Maintenance & Support Maintenance Contract Expiration 2021

More entries will be added to this table as we progress through our planning phase.


As always, I’m interested in your thoughts and feedback. Just use the comment function.


Chief Product Owner SAP for Me

Twitter: @JJComment

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      Author's profile photo Christoph Kloppenburg
      Christoph Kloppenburg

      Thanks, Jürgen, for the insight and the vision of this function. Just a short question: Is there a function to mark all entries as read (only in ios app, but it is not transferred to the browser version) or to delete all messages? That would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

      Best wishes, Christoph