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My workflow for installing a new eclipse version (with AdT) – Eclipse 2020-06

So, Eclipse 2020-06 is here!

Here’s what I always do:

0. Trying to remember how I did things last time
1. Finding that blog on Lean Eclipse again
2. Find that comment, where I made that nice “all I need” block
3. Go to, in “latest release”, click on the highest version (today: 4.16)
4. Navigate to Eclipse SDK(1) + download that *.zip.
5. Check SHA256-sum: in PowerShell:

Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA512 | Format-List

6. Unpack the ZIP, start eclipse.
8. When asked for workspace, give a dummy-workspace! (switch later; see )
7. Make the proper proxy-settings!
8. Add Adt: Install new software ->, klick, install, wait.
9. When it’s done (I check with help – about): Switch to the real workspace. (Eclipse will restart).
10. Open your project and keep on coding!
11. Don’t forget to “Pin to taskbar” -> for the next time starting up.

(1) note: I notice that Matthew Billingham recommended to use the much smaller “Platform Runtime Binary” in his blog – so maybe I’m not as lean as can be, but #WorksForMe!)


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