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It’s time to try out SAP Business Application Studio

I am happy to invite you to try out SAP Business Application Studio in the trial environment. You can use this simple on-boarding tutorial, develop an SAP Fiori application using this tutorial group and see all the Business Application Studio tutorials.

If you would like to learn more about Business Application Studio, we have created a central blog with links, useful information and additional hands-ons. You can also check out the community page.

What’ New

Since we released SAP Business Application Studio in Q1 2020,  there are many new and exciting features:

  • Additional use cases – SAP Mobile, Extending SAPUI5 applications using the SAPUI5 Adaptation Visual Editor, UI Integration tools for SAP Work Zone, SAP Fiori Launchpad integration and Extensions SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory, serverless runtime
  • Additional support for SAP technologies: SAP Fiori Elements (SAP Fiori tools), SAP Cloud Platform Workflow
  • Additional content – templates for example SAP Fiori Worklist and Master-Details
  • Additional capabilities – Select SAPUI5 version to test/run an SAP Fiori app locally, consume data from an ABAP on-premise service, package and transport when deploying an SAP Fiori application to ABAP on-premise
  • Availability in additional regions and data centers

As you can see a lot has already happened ?. As the product evolves, additional use cases, capabilities, content and know-how will be added – stay tuned for the road-map coming out soon.

To keep track of the progress, subscribe to the Business Application Studio newsletter.

Visit the SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center to learn about the licensing model for SAP Business Application Studio or purchase through the SAP store.

SAP Web IDE customers can continue using SAP Web IDE, it is available and supported.

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  • I really like the new features that came so far and I'm looking forward to the upcoming ones!
    btw: The new icons of the extensions look great!

  • It's great to see the new features on the studio. It is really helpful to see the layout editor and code editor in the same window, and more.

    Looking forward to see the upcoming features.

    BTW, is there a way to migrate all WEB IDE projects to new Business Application Studio?

  • I have tried it out a number of times but always get stuck when I try to connect to an on-prem system.

    I have set up the destination in cloud foundry and cloud connector but I keep getting errors when I try to consume an OData service from an on-prem system - and I go back to SAP WebIDE.

    I can, however, connect to ES5 trial system

  • I have a multi cloud starter pack license with some extensions.

    But in my entitlements I can't find any Business Application Studio plans that I could add. Is it still available on a trial account only?

    I also can't find it in the add-ons to purchase.

    How can I subscribe to Business Application Studio?

  • Hi Wolfgang,

    SAP Business Application Studio is Generally Available productively and also on the Trial.

    It is available for partners as an Add-on service.

    Feel free to email us if you still have an issue.



  • Hi Keren,

    SAP Business Application Studio feels great. There is one minor challenge I always face. I am not able to connect to enterprise github through it. What I meant is the Github which only allows ssh authentication.



  • Hi Keren,

    I am logged on SAP CPC with my S-User and in SAP Business Application Studio (trial) when I try to create Dev Space the “Extension Factory Serverless Runtime Development Tools” option is missing. Is this a problem with user privileges, SAP BAS trial version or something else?



    • It is part of the optional extensions, when you create a dev space you should choose it.

      We plan to enable EDIT dev space soone so you can also add extension to EXISTING devspace.

  • Hi Keren,

    when i try to use the layout editor in BAS after generating a project from template as sapui5 application, the events tab gives the message The controller for this view is unreachable or its code cannot be parsed.

    Any idea how to solve this?

    Greetings Danny.

  • Hi Marius,

    What will be the way to create an Extension Project (from Web IDE) in the new development environment SAP Business Application Studio?

    I was trying with the Adaptation Project but without exit. Can you please guide me to a forum or article for this topic? I have used an Trial account and the latest ABAP Trial 1909 SAP On-Premise.

    Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards.