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Data transfer within SAP HANA Cloud instances deployed in different sub-accounts & regions


First Instance : VST
 – Provider : Microsoft Azure
 – Region : Europe (Netherlands)

Second Instance : SHC
– Provider : Amazon Web Services (AWS)
– Region : Europe (Frankfurt)

Connection from on-premise to SAP HANA Cloud instance and data transfer was very well explained in one of the previous blog post by Mr. Takao Haruki.

In this blog post I will try to explain how to establish connection within 2 SAP HANA Cloud instances i.e. VST & SHC from above diagram and then we will access the table of on-premise Hana system on both the instances as well.


  1. Download digital certificate from local machine using this link.
  2. Open Database Explorer for SHC instance with DBADMIN user, expand “Catalog” and do right click on “Remote Sources”.
  3. Create a remote source using “Digital Certificate String” downloaded from above step and “end point” of VST system.

    I provided below options while creating remote source :- Source Name : SHC_to_VST
    – Adapter Name : HANA (ODBC)
    –  Connection Mode : Adapter Properties
    –  Server : from <end_point> of VST
    –  Port : 443
    –  DML Mode : ReadWrite
    –  Extra Adapter Properties : <from step 1, get digital string and remove all new lines, also   include comments BEGIN & END CERTIFICATE>
    – Credentials Mode : Technical user
    –  User Name : <schema_user_of_VST_which_needs_to_be_accessed>
    –  Password : <schema_user_password>
  4. Once remote source is created, navigate to “Privilege Assignment” tab, from HANA Cockpit and provide below privileges to a user from which you want to access the virtual tables (SHC_CON in my case) on remote source SHC_to_VST :- ALTER
    – DROP
  5. Now logon to database explorer again with user SHC_CON and open the remote source SHC_to_VST. Filter for your tables and then create VIRTUAL TABLES for them :
  6. I filtered above for DDNTF table and now I can create Virtual Table for any of them. As you can see it also shows “DDNTF_VT” table, which itself is a virtual table created on VST instance with remote source created on on-premise system.


In this way, you can access a VIRTUAL table/local table created on any SAP HANA Cloud instance into another SAP HANA Cloud instance from different sub-account / regions.


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