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S/4 HANA Article Master – Listing article-Part3

SAP S/4HANA Article Listing – Part3

Hi ?,

Welcome back to the S/4 HANA blog post series.

This blog post is the continuation of the below blog posts:

  1. SAP S/4 HANA Material Master Introduction
  2. SAP S/4 HANA Material Master Views
  3. S/4 HANA Article Master – Listing article-Part1
  4. S/4 HANA Article Master – Listing article-Part2

In previous blog posts, we have discussed

  1. Material/Article
  2. Article types
  3. Article Categories
  4. Article Various views
  5. creation of the views
  6. the linkage between the Material master views
  7. article Listing methods/approaches
    1. we have defined 3 approaches/MethodsMethod1
      1. Create an assortment module and assign materials
      2. Assign the module(s) to the assortment (s)


      1. Promotional modules, rackjobbres


      1. Layout
        1. Create layout Modules and assign Materials
        2. Assign Layout Modules to layout
        3. Assign Layout to assortments

we have already discussed Method1 in S/4 HANA Article Master – Listing article-Part2.

Let us Discuss on another Method – Direct creating individual article listing against the assortment


Let us start –

Prerequisites –

  1. we must have created Assortment and Modules as shown in previous sessions in S/4 HANA Article Master – Listing article-Part2. 

Go to Transaction – WSP4 to create Individual Listing article or navigate as below:


Direct creating individual article listing against the assortment

Once you enter WSP4 – Create, you will be asked with Article and Assortment details -Please enter.


create Individual Listing article

Give the article and assortment details, listing procedure, and other details and save. Listings is created.


Then we check on WLK1 entries-


WLK1 entries

Entries found in WLK1 – means Listing of that particular Materials is done.


WLK1 – Entry Found


The articles are listed successfully.

Now we can check whether the listing is successful or not via sales order.



Sales Order

the sales order is generating for the listed articles to particular sites/plants.


Sales Order – created via listings

This is another way of creating an article Listing using the Direct method.


we will cover via the Layout method in the next parts.


In the next blog posts, we can discuss more on processing.

S/4 HANA Article Master – Listing article-Part4

That’s all about this blog post.

Thanks for reading, please provide your feedback. ?

Happy Learning, see you in my next blog post ?



Venkatesh Golla

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      Author's profile photo Andras Strobl
      Andras Strobl

      Hi Venkatesh,

      In your previous blog posts I have read also "Sales order" under some screenshots, but now I see this was probably not a typo, as you are writing here consequently also Sales Order, when talking about Purchase Orders actually. Could you please tell me why?

      I am just asking, because as per my knowledge actually listing in Sales Orders (VA01, and not ME21N) is a different topic than discussed in your blogs.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo VENKATESH GOLLA
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Andras Strobl,

      I understand your point. you are correct. - it is purchase order - or in Laymon language, I mentioned in such a way to reach.

      ME21N for – Create Purchase Order. ... As we know it is being used in the SAP MM Purchasing in the MM component which is coming under the MM module. ME21N is a transaction code used for Create Purchase Order in SAP.

      Here my intention to prove Listing of that particular article, and I choose the Purchase order screen to prove it.

      I must say it is a great observation 😀 . I will correct it from next time onwards.

      I believe that you did not deviate from my intention to prove article list 🙂



      Venkatesh Golla