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S/4 HANA Article Master – Listing article-Part2

SAP S/4HANA Article Listing – Part2

Hi ?,

Welcome back to the S/4 HANA blog post series.

This blog post is the continuation of the below blog posts:

  1. SAP S/4 HANA Material Master Introduction
  2. SAP S/4 HANA Material Master Views
  3. S/4 HANA Article Master – Listing article-Part1

In this blog post, we will discuss the Listing of the article.


The article listing can be done several ways as follows;


  1. Create an assortment module and assign materials
  2. Assign the module(s) to the assortment (s)


  1. Promotional modules, rackjobbres


  1. Layout
    1. Create layout Modules and assign Materials
    2. Assign Layout Modules to layout
    3. Assign Layout to assortments

Once creating is done – WLK1, WLK2, WLK3. Once only these tables updated.


Let us discuss Method1 – it involves 2 steps

  1. Create an assortment module and assign materials
  2. Assign the module(s) to the assortment (s)


Creation of Assortment Module:

Go to Transaction – WS01 to create an assortment module


Assortment Module Creation


and then select the Module type as below


Assortment Module type


here we have different types of modules as below:

  1. Standard Module – is relevant for being purchased or sold at the site
  2. Exclusion module – you cannot buy material at a particular site
  3. Rackjobber module – a functionality – vendors places at the store, it is not the property of inventory, only owes to the vendor, on a commission basis
  4. Value contract module – standard sales and distribution based on contract


select Standard module and proceed’

Enter the article details in it and save.

The Module has been created as below:


Assortment Module created

We have created an assortment module and assigned the article to that module.

We can assign N-no of articles to that module.

Next step

Now let us create a General assortment:


Creation of Assortment

and then enter the assortment details:


Assortment Creation – Name

Once click Enter after giving assortment name, we must enter details such as sales org, DC, Etc as below


Assortment Creation -Details

Then you can assign merchandise groups to the assortment:


Assortment Creation – Merchandise Group

And then we must add the stores that can handle these materials in assortment user tab:


Assortment Creation – User assignment

Note: When I am adding the perticular material in these sites means that article can be bought/sell only these perticular sites.

Finally, we have successfully created an Assortment module and assortment.

The next step is both must be linked.


Go to Assortment Assignment and select – Maintain 

Tcode – WS05


Assortment Assignment – Maintain screen

Once you select maintain option-below screen will popup


Assortment Module Assignment to Assortment

and Now you must enter the assortment. Assigning%20Assortment%20to%20the%20Module

Assigning Assortment to the Module

and click Save.

now we have successfully linked.


We can get confirmation from WLK1 table as below:


Listed Materials – WLK1 table Display

Entries of Listed articles:


Listed Articles – WLK1 Entries

The articles are listed successfully.

Now we can check whether the listing is successful or not via sales order.



Sales Order

the sales order is generating for the listed articles to particular sites/plants.


Sales Order – created via listings

This is one way of creating an assortment and article Listing.

The other way is creating an individual article listing against the assortment directly will be continued in the next part.

S/4 HANA Article Master – Listing article-Part3



In the next blog posts, we can discuss more on processing.

That’s all about this blog post.

Thanks for reading, please provide your feedback. ?

Happy Learning, see you in my next blog ?



Venkatesh Golla

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      Author's profile photo Barath Josh
      Barath Josh

      Clear explanation venkat on SAP S4 Hana. Screenshots are makes to understand easy. Keep posting Venkat.

      Author's profile photo VENKATESH GOLLA
      Blog Post Author

      Yeah, Thanks for your support - I will post part-3 soon without any delay 🙂

      Author's profile photo Vinod Venkatramani
      Vinod Venkatramani

      Very nice, are there any differences in the listing concepts between single vs structured articles? if I list a structured article will the components also be listed, can those components then be used in ordering?

      Author's profile photo Venkatesh Golla
      Venkatesh Golla

      The process is same for both