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Event-driven architecture – now available for SAP ECC users


Wikipedia defines an event as a “significant change in state”. If for example a Material Master is being updated, other processes in other systems need to be informed. This whole journey of generating the event, channeling and processing is called Event-driven architecture (EDA).

According to industry analysts, customers and user group feedback, event-driven architecture is already an important topic and will most likely become even more central in the future. As an example I still remember the last DSAG annual meeting in Mannheim (sitting in the keynote together with 1000nds of people…), listening to the great Keynote from Steffen Pietsch (in German only, from 0:32:00 on).

Event-driven architecture with SAP

In the last couple of years, SAP has put a lot of effort into providing holistic support for EDA, just to mention a few highlights:

One missing – but important – stakeholder was the group of the SAP ECC customers. To let this group also participate on event-driven architecture we just released the ABAP Add-On SAP NetWeaver, add-on for event enablement. This Add-On works as an SDK, customers will be able to enable objects with just a few clicks, generating their own content (events). Of course the events generated in an SAP ECC System will follow the same standard ( as events coming from an S/4HANA System.

What is the benefit, especially for SAP ECC customers?

Event-driven architecture in general is offering a lot of advantages like decoupling or the avoiding of polling. With this new Add-On, SAP ECC customers particularly, will be able to leverage SAP Cloud Platform as an extension platform even more – as now the event-centric pattern is also supported in addition to REST / OData via SAP Gateway. In combination with SAP S/4HANA this will open up some great new opportunities:

  • In order to serialize activities during the SAP S/4HANA Migration, it is now easier to port existing event-driven extensions from SAP ECC to SAP Cloud Platform. A guide on the general topic of side-by-side extensions is available here
  • This will bring back your SAP ECC System closer to the standard – and this will then reduce complexity during the migration to SAP S/4HANA
  • As SAP S/4HANA already supports events, the switch to SAP S/4HANA will be easy – if you already designed the cloud extension with the SAP S/4HANA Events and OData services accordingly.

Several missions are available showing in more detail on how to extend an S/4HANA System based on event-driven architecture (e.g We are currently working on the same scenario – only using an SAP ECC system instead of an S/4HANA system.


The Add-On SAP NetWeaver, add-on for event enablement (ASANWEE) is available for NetWeaver 7.31 and higher (Documentation) and is based on an ABAP Add-On from the partner company ASAPIO (, but adapted for the usage with the SAP Cloud Platform.

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  • Hi Martin, this is great news for on prem customers who are not ready for the switch to S4 yet, but want to make first steps toward EDA!




  • Interesting news. Two questions:

    • in the documentation (“Maintain Add-On Instance”) we can see “Inbound”- and “Outbound”-Objects. Does this mean, that we not only can send events but also receive (register to) events?
    • do we need an additional license? Who will be the license partner, SAP or ASAPIO?
      • And the new AddOn is available directly by SAP without additional license costs:

        There is a REST-endpoint available also for bi-directional event-communication. But as this feature is also not (yet) available in S/4HANA (and also outside-in-communication is always tricky from security) we are currently not really promoting this feature. But if you have an urgent need for sending events to the ECC system then we could jointly discuss how to enable it.

        • Hi Martin,

          thank you for this great news! Until now I’ve used the SAP Gateway functionality of Subscription and Notification Flow to push notifications to external systems. But having an SAP supported add on without additional license costs is great. What steps do customers need to take to get the download enabled as it’s currently in restricted availability?

          Security shouldn’t be an issue when the connection from Enterprise Messaging is done via the Cloud Connector is that possible?

          Best regards

      • Hello Florian,

        we don’t have a direct use case (yet), but we are planning to build a message based infrastructure in the near future. So: interesting news for us 🙂