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Apply Custom Theme for SAP Fiori Launchpad using UI Theme Designer in SAP Cloud Platform

Dear Readers,

I hope this blog post will be helpful for you to understand how to customize your launchpad theme  using UI Theme Designer in SAP Cloud Platform.


1.Register SCP trial account by following the steps in below link if not registered already.

2.Enable services Portal and UI theme Designer.

3. Create a Portal Site in Portal Service.


Lets see the step by step procedure,

Step 1: Click on “Go to Service” from UI theme designer service


Step 2: Once you entered into the service you could see the below screen. Click on “Create a New Theme”.

Step 3: Now choose a base theme and Hit “Create Theme”


Step 4:You can see the launchpad preview and customizing option in right side panel. Now start designing your launchpad theme.


Step 5: Once you have changed the theme design, Go to  “Theme” and click on “Save and Publish”.


Step 6: Provide your “Theme ID” and “Title” and click on “Save”


Step 7: Now the status has to be changed to “PUBLISHED”, If you could see any other status you can publish it again as highlighted below. Select the required theme and click on “Publish”

Step 8:Once your Theme is successfully published. It’s time for us to publish it to our Portal Site Click on “Go to Service” from portal service.


Step 9: Go to “Site Directory” and Hit “Edit” in your portal site.


Step 10: . Go to “Services and Tools” –> “Theme Manager” — > Configure


Step 11:Go to your newly created theme and Click on “Assign to Site”


Step 12: Check “Clear HTML5 application cache” and Hit on “Publish”.


Step 13: Now open your launchpad URL. you could see your new Theme got assigned to your site.


That’s it..  You have successfully applied your custom theme using UI Theme Designer.



In this blog post, We have learnt how to customize SAP Fiori Launchpad by creating a new theme and assigning it to our launchpad site.

Suggestions are welcome
Thank you:)


Hemalatha B.

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