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AI Predictions for 2021

AI is the hottest thing in the industry today. More companies and businesses are turning to AI to solve problems that don’t have an obvious solution. Let us take a very close look at some AI predictions for 2021.


First and foremost, there are good reasons to believe that the healthcare industry will utilize in 2021. Traditionally, healthcare has always been focused on the medical side of things. Providers have been focused on the technical aspects of medicine, but there are actually a surprising number of uses for AI. AI can predict and formulate the best connections between providers, patients and hospitals. It’s all about efficiency, and AI injects a layer of intelligence that cannot be matched by human calculations. AI can make educated guesses on which type of medication will be most effective and which provider is appropriate.


Banking also has a lot of uses for AI. ATM machines can be supplemented with AI that anticipates the needs and desires of a user. The machine can then respond accordingly, almost like a real teller. This reduces the need for staffing, and at the very least, increases the automated possibilities in the world of banking. There is so much money

floating around in this industry, and human error is a major enemy. Fortunately, AI is becoming more accurate and precise than ever, so it is a fantastic way to double-check what has been done by humans.


The hospitality industry covers everything from lodges to hotels to motels. Once again, AI is amazing for customer service. You may have already seen some hotels equipped with robots that deliver goods and foods. This saves time and money overall. The hospitality industry is looking to take this to the next level in the next few years. AI could soon be delivering luggage to your room and making your bed during the daytime. At nighttime, AI might handle the locks on your door or doors to the gym downstairs. In a nutshell, AI is amazing for security, and that is a priority for the hotel industry as well.


Last but not least, operationalization is bound to happen in 2021. Operationalization is the notion of actually implementing all of the above in practice. While lots of these ideas have been in prototype phases or trial phases for a long time, companies are really looking to operationalize AI. It will make it easier to connect consumers with products and expedite daily activities. Making these AI a reality is certainly costly, but a tradeoff that is more than worth it down the line. When AI is ready to use on a moment’s notice, it reduces stress on employees and management alike.


When all is said and done, these AI predictions for 2021 are likely to come true. In this day and age, AI is such as powerful tool that cannot be overlooked in any industry. When used properly, AI can tackle any problem no matter how big or small!

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