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SAP Community Fan Shop

Look around in your home office – at your table, in your drawer, or even on your body. What is there? Maybe a power bank, a backpack, a pen, a mouse pad or a shirt. Do they have something in common? A logo maybe? I bet you can see a lot merchandise articles. With some articles, you connect a story, a memory, they do remind you at the people or at the event where you have received or bought them. Some people do literally “collect” these giveaways and can’t wait to get the next edition of a specific branded article. And don’t even think about cleaning up that desk… because we thought, it’s time for an SAP Community Fan Shop!



The SAP Community is often part of larger SAP events or organize its own community event and we are used to distribute articles as giveaways for participating in challenges like coding competitions or for visiting our info-booth. We realized that you love our pens, caps, mugs or whatever we have on stock. From now on, you as a fan of SAP Community, have the possibility to obtain your SAP Community fan article in the new and own SAP Community Fan Shop!

What is it exactly?

It’s an online shop where you can buy SAP Community branded material for your own use. It’s very easy to find and use because it’s part of the already existing SAP Merchandise Shop. The articles are standard range and are just customized with SAP Community branding. Have a look and choose the item you like most

How can I get access?

Either click directly on the SAP Community Fan Shop or go to SAP Merchandise Shop, choose your region and your profile, create your credentials and log in to the Merchandise Shop and simply click on Co-Branding and choose the SAP Community material. You can also just hover over Co-Branding and click directly on “SAP Community” so that you get the whole offer on one sight. Please make sure that you have a log-in account.


How many items can I order?

You may order as many as you like.

Who is handling the shipment, and do I have to pay for it?

Orders will be handled by our partner abcpremium GmbH directly and all shipping costs, including customs, needs to be paid on your own. Shipping costs within Germany 4,90€ (DHL, standard) and takes approx.. 2-3 working days. Delivery to other countries is possible, too. It takes approx.. 3-4 days and the costs will be shown in your order, depending on the place of delivery.


Custom costs may accrue and need to be covered by your own. They are depending on place of delivery, too.

What kind of payment possibilities do I have?

You can choose from one of these payment options: PayPal, PayPal PLUS direct debit (SEPA-compliant) [A PayPal service, you do not need a PayPal account], PayPal PLUS Credit card (VISA & Mastercard) [A PayPal service, you do not need a PayPal account], PayPal PLUS Purchase on account [A PayPal service, you do not need PayPal account], Cash on Delivery

Can I share the fun?

Oh yes, go for it! Share that you ordered, that you unboxed and how the stuff looks like. Add it either here or start a new thread. Just share some pictures of your “unboxing”-experience. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #SAPCommunity in social media.

Any more open questions?

Please use the FAQ section in the merchandise catalog. You may also contact us via email. Order now and get your SAP Community branded material!


Get a glimpse of what we have in our shop:

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  • I tried to create a new account, but it said "Bitte geben Sie Ihre E-Mail Adresse von SAP ein.". So, I guess this is for SAP employees only? I suppose it's better to add this disclaimer / warning in the blog post. What a shame, as a SAP Partner, I wanted to buy some goodies. 🙁

  • Hi and thanks for letting me know.

    The shop is supposed to be accessible for everyone but there seems to be something wrong with the link. We are working on it and I will keep you posted.

    I suggest to follow the post so that you will get a notification once it‘s been updated. ?

    Thanks for your patience until then and apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

  • Hello Svea,


    I tried today to buy some merch in the shop and ran into some problems

    • When I add items to my basket and proceed to checkout, I am prompted to enter my e-mail, address and choose a payment method (i chose paypal), but then I cannot proceed to the payment. I used Firefox for this
    • currently, SAP T-Shirts are not available in size M, at least for Germany. When I am trying to contact the shop via the "Kontakt aufnehmen" Button, I am prompted to login. My SAP account doesn't work (maybe because I activated two factor authentication?), but I also cannot create an account at the site.


    I really like this offering and would absolutely love to fetch some SAP T-Shirts. Can you please check? 🙂

    • Hello Andreas Loibl I am sorry to hear that you faced difficulties. There was a technical change last week and maybe this have caused this. So kindly ask you to check again if you can order via this link:

      If it is not working and in regards to the login and payment issues, I would like to suggest to contact abcpremium directly via I am sure they can help you better on this.

      In regards to the items in the fan shop I know that my colleague Jennifer Machado is working constantly on new items and also on refiling sold items. 😉

      Best regards, Svea

    • Hi Andreas,

      I wanted to update you that new items are coming to the web shop very soon! I will be publishing an announcement once these are in the shop.

      I am of course, always open to ideas for new items!

      Thank you,