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Blog It Forward – Darshil Shah!

Thank you so much Bhavin Vyas  & Sagarkumar Darji for sharing glimpse of your profession journey. I hope you both will achieve all the success in your professional as well as in personal life and Big thank you for passing the “Blog It Forward – the Sequel!” to me

Great Initiative Susan Keohan  . Thanks for wonderful challenge “Blog It Forward – the Sequel!”.

This is something I am writing it for the first time and sharing it with everyone.


About me:

I am Darshil Shah from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. I have completed Bachelor of Engineering in Computer science with distinction from Sardar Patel University in 2011.

I am a competent SAP BW BI Consultant with 8+ years of experience. During this tenure I worked on multiple implementation and support projects.I have keen interest in learning Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.


About My City:

Ahmedabad gets its name from king Ahmedshah Badshah who ruled and built this formidable city in the 14 the century

Ahmedabad, known for being one of developed metropolis of India and a major city of the historical Gujarat has for long been one of the sought after destination for travelers. It is celebrated for its historic Sabarmati Ashram (which was once the headquarters of the Father Of Nation: Mahatma Gandhi), age-old museums and its shopping markets. It is a paradise for foodies, especially if they prefer vegetarian food.



Ahmedabd City- Source Wikipedia


My Professional Journey:

I started my professional career with Tata Consultancy Services, Gandhinagar, Gujarat in 2012 . It begun with three months of Initial Learning Program (ILP) where the freshers are getting trained on technologies which are demanding in the market.

Our 40 professionals batch was trained in Java Technology.

Those three months program has a special place in my life. We enjoyed each and every day like there is no tomorrow. Projects, Internal exams, presentations, festival celebration, weekend trips, birthday celebration, late night fun and many more.

In simple words, ” A person who has completed his/her ILP will never forget those beautiful and cherishful moments.”

Batch A69 – ILP Gandhinagar 2012.


After completing ILP, our entire batch was shifted to Mumbai for projects but due to less requirements, half of the batch was ended up on bench for almost three months. Finally, Management had decided to train us in SAP BI technology as it was trending in market and this is how I step into SAP world.

It was 21 days training program and I was assigned to one of the biggest account in TCS Powai office. I got release after four months and transferred to TCS Gandhinagar (My hometown) because of the less requirements for freshers in Mumbai location.

Again, getting assigned to project in TCS Gandhinagar was not easy for me but finally, after being there on bench for 5 months in TCS Gandhinagar and almost 1 and half year in TCS, my career took a highway and I got my first green field implementation project in SAP BW BI. My manager introduced me to Mr.Nayan Joshi on very first day who had just joined TCS as senior SAP BW consultant. To-gather we worked on multiple implementation and support projects. I learned a lot from him. He mentored me and helped me to grow professionally. Meeting him was a great pleasure for me.

TCS Team


During my TCS journey, I trained two Africans Ms.Mamello Moleko and Mr.Sipho Keneth Manyikana who came to India as a part of collaboration program initiated by TCS.

With baby steps, I completed 5 years in TCS, and not only have I grown as a professional but also as an individual. During these five years, I’ve made good friends and have met charismatic leaders.

I joined IBM Ahmedabad in January 2017. I worked for German client remotely from Ahmedabad for almost 2 years and 6 months. I got an opportunity to work with two powerful SAP business object Analytics and Visualization tools called SAP Design Studio and SAP Lumira Designer. 

Though, I haven`t worked for any project in IBM Ahmedabad but I have made fondest memories with few colleagues which I am always going to cherish.

IBM Ahmedabad colleagues

Finally, I joined Stridely Solutions, Ahmedabad in July 2019. Currently, I am working on SAP BODS upgrade and support project. Here, I also get an opportunity to polish my SAP BW skills. I would like to say thank you to Bhavin Vyas and Sagar Darji for making my Stridely journey pleasant.

I am also expanding my knowledge by learning Microsoft PowerBI along with other SAP Business Object Data Visualization tools.

Stridely Colleagues:


Coming to few interesting questions from Bhavin and Sagar,

If you were not in your current position, what/where would you be and why? 

I belong to business family. My father has a small business here in Ahmedabad. So, If I was/am not in my current position, I would have joined my father`s business or I would have started my own.


Share an interesting/funny story related to your work.

There are multiple funny incidents happened to me during my professional career. I would like to share one of them with you.

One day my manager called me and said we have a requirement and you have to travel to client location (onsite) for 15 days just to take a KT (Knowledge Transfer) for SAP BW.

I was super excited as it was my first onsite travel and more over my role was to only take KT and hand it over to someone else after coming back to India.

I traveled to client location and on very first day we had a meeting with SAP IT Head and all SMEs from client side.

Just after finishing introduction, IT head turned to me and said, our all ETLs are based on SAP BODS. Are you comfortable with it?

I was like, what the hell is going on? What is SAP BODS? Where is SAP BW?

Honestly, I have never heard about SAP BODS before that. Somehow I managed myself and simply said “Yes” I know, I will manage it.

But this was not the end,

I converted this challenge to opportunity, learn SAP BODS, gave support for almost one year and also gained their confidence.

If you were 20 again, what would you study?

I wish I could be. I read somewhere, “Develop some interest in young age which will be your favorite pass time in old age”.

I have special interest in Music so, I would have learn to play some musical instruments like Guitar and Keyboard.

What is your professional life dream?

To work for myself.



Stay home, Stay healthy, Stay happy.


Darshil Shah

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      Author's profile photo Bhavinkumar Vyas
      Bhavinkumar Vyas

      Indeed its an inspirational, joyful and fun journey.

      We are working to-gather since 5+ years and moving ladder  to-gather while enjoying each others success.Hope our success journey continues forever.

      Wish you all the success in life!

      Thanks for the mention 🙂



      Author's profile photo Audrey Stevenson
      Audrey Stevenson

      Hi Darshil,

      Thanks for sharing your story with us. Your enthusiasm for your career and your team mates comes through very clearly.

      But where is the section where you blog it forward to 2 or 3 other members of your choice?

      Author's profile photo Sagarkumar Darji
      Sagarkumar Darji

      Thanks Darshil bhai for creating and sharing  such a wonderful blog with funny answers.

      One thing I most like in you and want to apply in my life is "Patience".



      Author's profile photo Darshil shah
      Darshil shah
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Sagar for taking your precious time to read this blog!

      Hope you will achieve all your success in life!



      Darshil Shah

      Author's profile photo Naveen Vishal
      Naveen Vishal

      Nice BIF Darshil ! I was at Noida Location when I was with TCS.

      Wish you good progress in life!

      Author's profile photo Darshil shah
      Darshil shah
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Naveen,

      Thanks for taking you precious time to read my profession journey.

      Good to know we were part of same family!

      It was an amazing journey with TCS! I hope you also had the same.

      I would also like to encourage you to write about your professional journey.

      Wishing you also good professional as well as personal career growth in life!



      Darshil Shah