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Create Cascading dropdown in SAC Designer, (without hierarchy)

Hi Friend,

As we know there is no direct option to create a cascading drop down in SAP SAC Designer,

So i am writing the blog to explain the each step how to create a Cascading drop down in SAC Designer


Below are the step need to follow to implement the cascaded drop down in the SAC designer


Step 1           Add 3 drop down to the canvas

In this example we have 3 drop down for cascaded prompt

Product 1, product 2 and product 3

Given drop down name as below

      1. dropdown_prod1
      2. dropdown_prod2
      3. dropdown_prod3




Step 2          Need to add a chart to canvas to get the Drop down list of value at run time

In that chart also need to add the all 3 dimension in the chart as shown below



Step 3          After adding the data to the chart we need to create 3 global variable ( note                                          create an array to store all the LOV value in it at run time)

Need create 3 global variable array

3 global variable array name as below

      1. prod1_drop_dyn_array
      2. prod2_drop_dyn_array
      3. prod3_drop_dyn_array



The above array will be used to store drop down LOV which will be used in the filter further

create more 3 global variable

      1. dropdownprod1_Selectedkey
      2. dropdownprod2_Selectedkey
      3. dropdownprod3_Selectedkey




The above 3 global variable will be used to store the selected drop down at run time.



Step 4          on initialization we have to write a below code


up till now had assign the List of value (LOV) to the drop down and now see the ALL as default selected value in all 3 drop down.

Now below step is used to create a cascaded drop down in the application.



Step 5           Need to create global script object (function) for cascaded

 Below is the code will update a LOV of cascaded prompt base on the selection of drop down



Step 6              on each drop down we have to write a below code

This code will update the global variable

Below code in for prod1 on select script


As you can see i am calling a global script object (function) in the on select of prod1


Same code i had repeat for prod2 and prod3 drop down.


Below code is for Product 3 drop down.


Below code is for product 3  drop down



Note to apply filter to chart or table i had used a below 3 global variable array.

  1. prod1_drop_dyn_array
  2. prod2_drop_dyn_array
  3. prod3_drop_dyn_array


Thanks & Regards,

Saurabh S.

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  • Hi Saurabh,

    Thank for sharing…. Nice blog.

    I tried with your concept. But I’m facing issue in dropdown selected key is not maintaining in the Dropdown.

    I tried to modified the code but never works for me.

    So can you help on this.