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Setting up Demand Plan and Releasing Forecasting Data to Planning

Demand planning enables the demand planner to forecast demand and subsequently release it to supply chain planning and control,  at the level of a product in a specific supply planning area.

Demand forecasts are key to supply chain planning – the more transparent and accurate they are, the more effectively companies can plan for future demands. Real-time business data captured from application areas such as sales and supply chain, is stored in one data warehouse. Companies thus have a comprehensive view of all relevant figures today, and the information they need for effective planning in the future.

Demand Plan Set-Up – Create Demand Plan

Define the ID and the description of the Demand Plan


Select all product/planning area combinations which shall be planned with this Demand Plan


Time granularity , In this case it is month


Get a general idea of all parameters defined for the Demand Plan and Activate Demand Plan


Navigate to Interactive Planning Board via Demand Plan


Maintain Forecast Data


Save the Changes maintained in Actual Forecast.


Now Release Demand Forecast to Planning


Apply to Release for Planning


Forecasts visible in Planning screen




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