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What’s New in SAP HANA Cockpit 2.0 SP 12

SAP HANA cockpit 2.0 SP 12 introduces numerous innovations and enhancements to existing features.

Highlighted below are four features designed to improve the functionality and usability of the SAP HANA cockpit.

For a full list of new features and enhancements, see SAP HANA Cockpit 2.0 SP 12 Features.


  1. Ability to Configure the Buffer Cache Monitor


You can now configure the size of the SAP HANA Native Storage Extension Buffer Cache. Clicking the Configure Buffer Cache Size button on the Buffer Cache Monitor allows you to set the maximum cache size
to a percentage of the total SAP HANA database memory or cap it to maximum size in megabytes.  By using the SAP HANA cockpit to configure the buffer cache, you no longer need to manually change parameters inside configuration files, which is a procedure that can be error-prone.

For more information about SAP HANA Native Storage Extension and the Buffer Cache Monitor, see the following topics:


2. Persistent Memory Configuration and Monitoring


If you have configured your SAP HANA database to take advantage of hardware with persistent memory support, you can now view your database’s persistent memory usage in the new Persistent Memory Monitor. You can view persistent memory usage by schema, host, or table. On the Persistent Memory Configuration page, you can click Add to turn on persistent memory and to specify the location of the persistent memory file system. Specifying a file system path overrides the table_default parameter in the persistent_memory section of the indexserver.ini file and the basepath_persistent_memory_volumes parameter in the persistence section of the global.ini file. Restart your system after altering these parameters for the new settings to take effect.

The Persistent Memory Monitor and Persistent Memory Configuration pages can be found by clicking the overflow menu on the Memory Usage tile on your Database Overview.

For more information about persistent memory and the Persistent Memory Monitor, see the following topics:

     3. Configure Alerts for Multiple Databases at the Same Time


Setting up alerts across your landscape is now much easier with the introduction of the new Apply to other databases button on the Alert Definitions page.

Click that button and then select all databases that you would like to apply the alert to.  This feature significantly improves your workflow by updating alert definitions for multiple databases in a single operation.


For more information about configuring alerts, see Alert Configuration.

     4. Monitor Performance Metrics at the Landscape Level


The Database Directory (formerly known as the Resource Directory) now contains additional graphics that make it easier to monitor vital information across your landscape.

The MemoryCPU, and Disk columns now contain visual usage and threshold indicators. Clicking on these graphs takes you to the Performance Monitor where you can find more detailed statistics.

Values in the Status column are order by severity, with databases that have the statuses ErrorStopped, and No SQL Access appearing first and databases that have the status Running appearing last.


For more information on monitoring your landscape using the Database Directory, see Monitoring Your Databases in the Database Directory.


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      Author's profile photo Priya Bharath Yadlapalli
      Priya Bharath Yadlapalli
      Tks for the update and some really cool updates.
      Your first link is not working.
      Best Regards,
      Author's profile photo Danyelle Erwin
      Danyelle Erwin
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks, I have updated the link and it should work now.

      Author's profile photo Mohammed Sharief Alavalapati Shaik
      Mohammed Sharief Alavalapati Shaik

      Hi @Danyelle Erwin

      Thanks for the update on new stuff on cockpit 2.0 SP12.




      Author's profile photo Nick Sun
      Nick Sun

      Thanks for the update, Danyelle Erwin.

      I really hope HANA cockpit could send out alert email when indexserver is offline, therefore I don't have to use Solman to monitor HANA availability.




      Author's profile photo Matti Herrmann
      Matti Herrmann

      I miss some tiles for example the one for Backup. Where can I find them?

      Author's profile photo Andreas Nischwitz
      Andreas Nischwitz

      Just switch from "monitoring" to "All" -> than you can see all tiles...