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How to disable SSO and enter credentials manually to use CPI

There are many occasions where you need to access SAP Cloud Platform for Integration (CPI) but using different credentials than your SSO.  This is especially relevant for SAP consulting or support team members who may already have SAP SSO certificates which can interfere and even obstruct the access to a customer’s CPI tenant.

Here’s how to get around that:

1.  Always use Firefox browser in Private mode.  (You may try Chrome, but I find occasionally it’s not as dependable and remember some SSO)


2. In Firefox, select the Options menu.   In the Search box, type “certificate

4. Click on Ask you every time radio button

5.  Next, be sure to clear cache.  Type cache in the Search box.

6.  Click on Clear Data.


7. Restart the browser, just to be safe.


8.  When it’s up again, go to your CPI URL.  You will get a popup for User Identification Request.  It will display your SSO certificate.   It may even ask you multiple times.

You must ALWAYS select Cancel !  It may even ask you multiple times, but always click on Cancel.


9. It will eventually prompt your CPI login credentials:

I hope this helps !  Be sure to do a like on this article then !

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    • Yes, software always change, don't they ?

      It will still work without that setup flag.  When you go to the CPI url in Firefox private mode, it will prompt you multiple times with the SSO  cookie (which you don't want to use), but you must always select CANCEL. 

      I was asked about 4 times, and eventually it got to a CPI login prompt to use your other credentials.

      Pls give it a try then.

      • Thanks for the feedback, Tim!

        It works fine for me as I made this change long ago (thanks for the solution!). But my colleague needs to set this up now and has no possibility to enable Ask every time. So should she just keep trying in private mode until the option to Cancel appears? Please advise.

        • That seems to be only way now.  She can try to click "Remember this decision" AND click on CANCEL, and see if it minimizes the ask.   If it doesn't ask and goes straight to using her SSO, she should clear her cache, restart browser, and hopefully it will prompt her again.

          BTW, I'm not from CPI nor Firefox product team.  I'm just sharing this tip I've learned.

  • Hi Tim,

    Your post really helped a lot in finding out why I could not login as a different user in SAP process orchestration.

    If you install Chrome extension IETAB and open the url in ietab mode (pushing the ietab icon), you will be able to use Chrome without any certificate setting change.