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Author's profile photo Pranav Kandpal

Data Intelligence : ABAP , SLT and More


SAP Data Intelligence as a platform is offering a lot of holistic features especially for Data scientist and Data analysts. It goes without saying there is so much to explore in this tool however i wouldn’t want to digress from the main agenda for writing this blog.

I have been interacting with the ABAP connectivity ,ABAP Operators , SLT replication to DI since a while now and often the functionalities don’t work as they are supposed to. Lets be honest , as stated by the Murphy’s Law – ‘Whatever can go wrong , will go wrong’ .

My main objective to write this blog is to look into the aspect of connectivity especially how DI connects with ABAP systems or ABAP stack and how different operations are performed. This would be a technical write up which basically deals with some issues i have faced , how to deal with them  and troubleshooting the ABAP side of the Story of Data Intelligence.


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      Author's profile photo Evandro Tanabe
      Evandro Tanabe

      Hi Pranav, thanks for sharing!

      I'm just tried to configure SAP Data Intelligence, cloud edition with an on premise SLT configuration. I did it using the cloud connector and so far, so good. The problem is that, apparently there is a step missing, cause I have the job running for a long time in SLT, but no data is transferred to DI. Have you seen something like this?

      Thanks again!

      Author's profile photo Pranav Kandpal
      Pranav Kandpal
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Tanabe,

      This depends on your configurations. How have you connected the on premise system to SLT? Is it via Sap CC?

      Maybe there is some whitelisting related issues?

      In SLT config , do you see the number of processes running and finished? It could be that the system is compromised and there are no background jobs available for running the processes.


      Best Regards,

      Author's profile photo Cesar Sanchez Gutierrez
      Cesar Sanchez Gutierrez

      Hi Evandro ,

      I am doing a configuration, to replicate data from ERP on Premise to sap DI, using SLT and Sap Cloud Connector, I would like to know if you managed to do the configuration and if you can give me details of how you did it.

      Thank you!

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Mia van Rooyen
      Mia van Rooyen

      Hey Pravan

      I had the issue you discussed in this blog. I have deleted the entries in the table. Kicked off the pipeline again, it ran, loaded the initial load, and then pipeline goes into error\dead again. I get the following issue:

      Are there other tables that needs to be cleared as well?




      Author's profile photo Dushyant Tomar
      Dushyant Tomar

      Hi Pranav,

      Thanks for really nice blog.

      Pravan, could you please let me know whether I need cloud connector if my ECC is hosted in Azure cloud & DI cloud foundry instance  also in Azure?

      Is there any alternate way to establish connectivity in this kind of environement?




      Author's profile photo Pranav Kandpal
      Pranav Kandpal
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Dushyant,


      In case both DI and ECC instance are hosted in the same environment and i assume a similar privacy poilicy would be governing both the instances (in general) , a normal ABAP connection should work. I don't think you would need a SAP CC.





      Author's profile photo Raymond de Bie
      Raymond de Bie

      Hello Pravan,

      Very helpfull blog. I dont exactly know from which verions on, but at least form DMIS 2011 SP19 you should use the following to delete an entry from IUUC_LT_TABLES. The steps until going into the debuger are the same, but once in the debugger you reach the point as in the screen shot below:

      In the variable field type CODE and enter

      And change val. to DELE and continue.

      Now you get the button to delete the field.

      Regards Raymond