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Real Time IDOC Interface Monitoring Dashboard

This blog post will help you to understand how SAP SolMan ICMON, BPMON and Focus Insight will help and utilize to achieve below business requirement which will totally transform and automate the data interface monitoring process.

Business Scenario/requirement…
Control Room Dashboard which shows real time data interface(IDOCS) between all the SAP/Non-SAP systems.

Use or value addition…
• how much data is incoming or out-flowing?
• what is the success ratio of this data?
• What is the load on the system because of this data?
• How much data is getting generated?
• All the above data points on real time basis

Here, we will take a very basic example of data flow via IDOCS between the system (In this blog we are only concentrating on SAP systems).
Let’s take idoc message type MATMAS (material master data idocs) which is flowing between 4 different systems.
Consider these 4 systems are connected like hub and spoke type of architecture which we see in normal wheel design. First system called as H1 which acts like hub in which the data (here material master data) is getting generated via many different ways. Other 3 systems called as S1, S2 & S3 will receive this data in the form of idocs from H1.

Note: We have considered time gap of 1 hour to plot the data in graphs. You can take as per your requirement.

The first basic prerequisite is all the above 4 systems should be linked to SolMan as Managed system.
Now the material master data is getting generated in system H1 which will ultimately create the change pointers in H1 and then create the idocs from it which will interface to S1, S2 & S3 as per their distribution model.
So let’s first count from change pointers how much data is getting generated in system H1.
This configuration will be done in BPMON module of Solution manager. We will use table entry counter object of BPMON to count the entries from BDCP2 table.
Follow the below link for details configuration.

Now publish or activate this object in Focus Insight standard OCC dashboard template. Below is the path for it…
In SOLMAN system: Tcode SOLMAN_WORKCENTER (open a web page) – Focus Insights Administration- Configuration OCC. For details configuration follow below links…

Once your gadget is published it will show as one tiles in your dashboard as shown in below screen shot.


Material Changes

Now the idocs will interface from H1 systems to S1, S2 & S3 depends on distribution model.
So here we have to do configuration for MATMAS OUTBOUND of H1 system and INBOUND idocs for S1, S2 and S3 systems. In this blog we are considering successful outbound idoc status 03 and inbound idoc failure status 51. We can take any idocs status as per your requirements. This configuration will be done in ICMON or Interface monitoring module of SOLMAN. For detail configuration follow below link.

So once all this configuration is done for the various idocs in ICMON object we need to publish the same in Focus Insight dashboard. Follow the similar process as we done for above table entry counter object publishing.
After publishing of this objects we can see 2 more tiles has been added in our dashboard as shown in below screen shot.

IDOCS successfully sent from H1 system to S1, S2 & S3.


H1 System successful outbound idocs per system

Idocs which went to error status of 51 in S1, S2 &S3.


S1, S2 and S3 system inbound error idocs

So if we combine all this tiles and put it in one dashboard then you can clearly see every hour how many changes have been done for the Materials, how many idocs has been generated from source system H1, how many MATMAS idocs has been sent from H1 system to S1, S2 & S3 systems out of that how many has been in error status in each system, which is clearly giving the present hour real time data with its success ratio.

I hope this blog post has given you the basic idea of using ICMON, BPMON & FI monitoring tool for our very simple business requirement.

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      Author's profile photo hariharasudhan M
      hariharasudhan M

      current issue: when message type INVOICE idoc gets failure at 10:00 is with 1 failed entries, the system is triggering the alert, but when the same idoc INVOICE fails at 11:00 with new failed entries. the system is not triggering alert for this failure. but I can see the count added in the alert inbox and interface monitoring dashboard also updated with new count. No alert email triggered to the failure 

      The alert email is triggered only once, but I need it to be sent for every individual occurrence. I have tried all the setting in the notification advanced tab

      I have tried raise alert per variant, checked “do not group individual occurrences”, but no luck. we need alert notification when there is any failed doc's in the manage system.

      please suggest a resolution for this issue. I am grateful for any help …

      Author's profile photo Jayasudha Pandi
      Jayasudha Pandi

      Hi Hari,

      Just check only "Do not group individual occurrences" . It will trigger alert for every individual occurrences.