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Writing Function-as-a-Service: Overview of Blogs

With other words:

How to write serverless Functions
SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory, serverless runtime
Overview of tutorials


In the serverless world, Function-as-a-Service allows to write small pieces of code that do something
Just like any other function,
But serverless.
That means:
The function is sleeping in a fluffy cloudy container and only when it is needed, it wakes up and does something
And the good news:
A sleeping function doesn’t cause cost
And there are other advantages
And there are other blogs describing those advantages better (see below)

This series of tutorials helps you to get familiar with the Functions part of SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory, serverless runtime

You can go through it step by step – or you can do it the serverless way:
Follow a tutorial, then go back to sleep…


0.1 Preparation
1 First Function: Extension Center
2 First Function: Local Development
3 Real Local Development
4 Debugging
5 Secrets and Config Maps
6 How to use values.yaml

Timer Trigger
HTTP Trigger

SAP Help Portal:
Extension Factory, serverless runtime Official docu
Make sure to check out the Limitations
Cloud Foundry CLI: docu page
Extension Factory, serverless runtime CLI: download page

Announcement blog
Intro blog by Pradeep Panda
Intro blog by Murali Shanmugham
Great blog series by Sharadha Krishnamoorthy covering a nice serverless scenario

Garage Session

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  • Thanks Carlos for the wonderful series of blogs on serverless runtime. Could you please let me know if they are now available in SCP CF trial account. Earlier I worked on Function as a service beta in SCP trial.

    • Hello AMIT GUPTA , thanks so much for your feedback!
      I’m afraid it will still take quite some time until it will be available ion Trial…
      Please bear with me…
      Kind Regards, Carlos