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Digital Process Automation with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management – the next chapter of BPM

Challenging times. Times where process automation becomes more important than ever before. We have seen how vulnerable manual processes can be. On a larger scale but also in smaller parts of processes, e.g. invoice approvals, accruals processing, HR employee self-services, purchase requisition approvals or capital expenditure approvals.

It’s time to move from manual, paper-based processes to digital, intelligent and automated processes. And at the same time evolving from a developer experience to a business process expert experience.

Already last year, we have started this story in the Cloud together with you with SAP Intelligent Business Process Management, as the family of services to automate business processes, manage decision logic and gain end-to-end process visibility.

Now it is the time to write the next chapter.

We want you to amplify your digital process automation journeys with an improved and simple experience and also be able to focus on flexible adoption and extension of business processes based on changing business needs.

Therefore, we are releasing SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management, as part of Digital Process Automation in SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite.


Digital Process Automation with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management

SAP provides a comprehensive workflow platform that is heavily configuration (no-code)-based but also with textual code support.
Drag and drop is supported for process, integration and UX, including agent conversations and integration with RPA bots. With the release of SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management we are combining workflow, business rules and process visibility in one service, with one user metric and service plan. We are also adding new features for business process experts to achieve process flexibility and also “live process content packages” as templates to accelerate your digital workflow automation projects.

There are several use cases where digital process automation with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management will provide immediate value. You might want to group them like this:

  • Digital workflows and bots
  • Process-driven application development
  • Process excellence and optimization
  • Facilitate process transformation journeys

Immediate outcomes are:

  • Do more with less – empower employees through process automation, freeing up their time to do more meaningful work
  • Ensure compliance – comply with policies and regulations via clear responsibilities and audit trails
  • Flexibly adapt to new requirements – tailor business processes to the business needs and support new business model innovations

Business process experts are now able to manage changing business needs directly on live, running processes. Customers can use dedicated business expert tooling to discover, configure, and run workflows, like capital expenditure approvals, business partner creation or procurement data collection. To speed up and simplify these changes without involvement of the IT department, customers will be able to leverage pre-defined live process content packages via SAP API Business Hub to manage workflows on top of SAP ERP Central Component (ECC), SAP Utilities and SAP S/4HANA (Procurement). This enhanced real-time process flexibility increases the level of automation, empowers business users and ensures compliance with business policies and regulations via clear responsibilities and audit trails.

Live process content packages contain workflow templates, pre-defined metrics and dashboards for process performance and business rules to manage automated decisions. Configuration of process variants can now be easily handled, managed and monitored as part of digital process automation within any organization.

While leveraging digital process automation with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management you will achieve:

  1. Faster time to value, with lower TCI (Total cost of implementation) and increased real-time flexibility on “live” business processes
  2. Increased level and quality of digital process automation with integrated workflows, business rules and bots.
  3. Improved business process experiences help users to make smarter decisions, pro-actively identify bottlenecks and recommend actions

Get more information here:


Digital Process Automation Webinar Series

Please join us in this evolution from SAP Intelligent BPM to Digital Process Automation with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management – the next chapter of BPM.

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