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Author's profile photo Julyna Jadulang

Use the SAP Road Map Explorer in 5 steps!

The SAP Road Map Explorer was recently released to help SAP customers customize road maps according to their needs. In 5 simple steps, customers can navigate the tool in an easy and intuitive way.

To first access the tool, log-in with your S-user credentials or you can create an account for free on Then, simply follow the steps below to start exploring:


Step #1: Search for your topic

There are 3 ways you can view a road map: 1) Browse on the top according to a product, industry, or business processes, 2) Use the search bar to type the topic of your choice, or 3) Click on the “Most viewed Road Maps” at the bottom.

Tip: As you type on the search bar, suggestions will appear, and you can choose which one best fit your search. Currently, “free-text” functionality or typing freely on the search bar is not available so please choose one of the suggestions to yield the best results.


Landing Page


Step #2: Customize with filters

On top of the Kanban board, there are 5 categories you can choose from: Products, Processes, Industries, Focus Topics, and Suite Qualities. Numbers on the right side of filters indicate show many innovations will appear if you choose that filter. Filters will only appear if there are innovations available to show so you’ll never experience 0 results. The Time Horizon on the right allows you to manually select quarters from past and future years.

Tip: Choosing 2+ filters within the same category (i.e. choosing 2 products) follows the “OR” formula. Innovations with Product A or Product B will appear on the Kanban board. Choosing 2+ filters from different categories (i.e. choosing 1 product and 1 industry) follows the “AND” formula. This means the Explorer will show innovations that contain Product A and Industry B.


Filters on the Kanban board


Time Horizon Filter

Step #3: Explore innovations on the Kanban board

The Kanban board is the page that showcases all the innovations (or product features) in quarters. Use the left/right scrolls to browse through the road map. Each quarter column has arrows on the top right – click on each one to change your view preferences of the innovations (collapse or expand the innovation cards).

Click on each innovation card or box to view more details such as the innovation description and benefits. Planned innovations will have additional information such as features and the technical view.

Tip: Use the “star” button to favorite certain innovations that stand out to you! This makes it easier to spot innovations on the Kanban board.


Kanban Board


Innovation Details


Step #4: Share with your colleagues

The top right of each innovation card has a share button, giving you a link to copy and paste. Once you save your road map and/or innovations, “My Road Maps” on the top right of your page will also have a sharing link.


Sharing Feature


Step #5: Save & Download

The top right corner of the Kanban board has a “Save” button which allows you to save the full road map you created with the selected filters. Easily access them later under “My Road Maps”. If you want to save certain innovations, click on the “+” button beside the innovation name to add it to your “Innovation List”, which you can also access under “My Road Maps”.

Lastly, a download button is available beside the “Download” button, which will automatically produce an Excel file with all innovations pertaining to the road map you created.


Save & Download Feature


Innovation Set Feature


You can start exploring now at For more information on how to use the tool and any updates, view and follow the SAP Road Maps team’s Wiki Page.

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      Author's profile photo Stephan Heinberg
      Stephan Heinberg

      Thanks Julyna, nice tool.

      I like the boards.

      Is it true, PowerPoint based Roadmaps will disappear? Sometimes they contain quite good visualizations. Is there a replacement for that?

      Thanks, Stephan

      Author's profile photo Julyna Jadulang
      Julyna Jadulang
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Stephan, I’m glad you like the tool and Kanban board!

      Yes, it is true that PowerPoint based road maps will be discontinued this year. We are currently working on finding another solution regarding visuals to aid the SAP Road Map Explorer and customer experience.

      Please keep a look out later in the year for updates from the SAP Road Maps team. We have a Wiki page that you can sign up to for any updates as well.


      Author's profile photo Ali IBRAHIM
      Ali IBRAHIM

      Hi Julyna

      Sorry to be direct but this change is a regression.

      A roadmap is not just a set of planned innovation !! it is a vision from the vendor on its product strategy, and the old ppt roadmaps were very good in this respects .. they explained how the product relates to other similar product lines, bundling options, deployment options and how SAP see this evolving with time etc etc ..

      Now all that is gone and as architect the part you stripped is all what interested me so the new roadmaps are practically useless and I am deprived from my favorite tool that I use to guide my customers !! Not against the web boards idea, that's fine it's about removing information .. better to deploy something when it is final !

      Kind Regards

      Ali Ibrahim