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EWM: Goods Receipt Cancelation for Inb.Delivery. Some tricks


You have SAP EWM integrated with S/4HANA and you want to know more about Goods Receipt Cancelation issues.



Inbound Delivery (ID) status in EWM – Good Rspt – “Completed” (transaction /SCWM/IDN)
but Confirmation Item Delivery queue stuck in S/4HANA (transaction SMQ2) in error (many reasons). A lot of this error requires a re-creation of Inbound Delivery in S/4HANA
But at this point, you have an inconsistency between ERP and EWM and you can’t make Goods Receipt Cancelation
Error: Goods receipt cancelation is not possible; DGR status of header is X




Step 1 (EWM).

Complete Warehouse Activity
Status must be. Warehouse Activity – Completed
N.B. You can do this in transaction /SCWM/ADHU

Step 2 (EWM).

Cancel Inspection Document (if exists) in transaction /SCWM/QIDPR
Cancel (Set status – QI05)

Step 3 (EWM).

To produce EWM-ERP integration deregistration in transaction SMQS
Type – U

Step 4 (EWM).

Copy all information about HU in Inbound Delivery to txt-file
Post Unplanned Goods Issue for all HU in ID In transaction /SCWM/ADGI
GI Process – Stock Correction


Step 5 (EWM).

Find and delete Outbound EW* queue in transaction SMQ1

Step 6 (EWM).

To produce EWM-ERP integration registration in transaction SMQS
Type – R

Step 7 (ERP).

Save stuck DLW*- queue In SQM2 to SMQ3. For this purpose. Select queue -> Edit – > Save LUW

Step 8 (ERP)

Browse LIKP table in transaction SE16.
Found HANDLE for key VBELN where VBELN – Inbound Delivery Number from ERP

Step 9 (ERP).

Call function module /SPE/DELV_RESET_DIST_STATUS in transaction SE37
Take VBELN and HANDLE from Step 7

Step 10 (ERP).

Now you can delete Inbound Delivery and create a correct new and integrate it to EWM

Step 11 (EWM).

You can do virtual Goods Receipt for correct Inbound Delivery and use for this purpose HU numbers from txt-file from Step 4


SAP EWM routine task with examples from real life was provided
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  • Hello Roman,

    Did you try to apply recommendations from SAP note "2178045 - Alternative approaches for entry of goods receipt corrections in EWM"?

    Best Regards,



  • Dear Roman

    Thank you for your article.

    I am working with S4 1809 - EWM9.5,  embedded-

    I tried to do the steps to reverse GR, but in the step 8 the inbound delivery is not issued. In the LIKP table there is not any delyvery

    Do you know what could be the reason ?

    Best Regards

  • Hello Roman,

    your described solution seems to be very complicated to me.

    I use simple SE16N + &sap_edit and delete the LIKP-VLSTK field in the ERP inbound delivery. After this I can post it manually in VL32N (and delete the outstanding faulty queue in SMQ2).

    After this I can create a return delivery to vendor (/SCWM/PRDI or directly VL60). Because with simple /SCWM/ADGI you don't clear the first inbound delivery quantity from PO history.