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Author's profile photo Roman Gorbenko

EWM: Goods Receipt Cancelation for Inb.Delivery. Some tricks


You have SAP EWM integrated with S/4HANA and you want to know more about Goods Receipt Cancelation issues.



Inbound Delivery (ID) status in EWM – Good Rspt – “Completed” (transaction /SCWM/IDN)
but Confirmation Item Delivery queue stuck in S/4HANA (transaction SMQ2) in error (many reasons). A lot of this error requires a re-creation of Inbound Delivery in S/4HANA
But at this point, you have an inconsistency between ERP and EWM and you can’t make Goods Receipt Cancelation
Error: Goods receipt cancelation is not possible; DGR status of header is X




Step 1 (EWM).

Complete Warehouse Activity
Status must be. Warehouse Activity – Completed
N.B. You can do this in transaction /SCWM/ADHU

Step 2 (EWM).

Cancel Inspection Document (if exists) in transaction /SCWM/QIDPR
Cancel (Set status – QI05)

Step 3 (EWM).

To produce EWM-ERP integration deregistration in transaction SMQS
Type – U

Step 4 (EWM).

Copy all information about HU in Inbound Delivery to txt-file
Post Unplanned Goods Issue for all HU in ID In transaction /SCWM/ADGI
GI Process – Stock Correction


Step 5 (EWM).

Find and delete Outbound EW* queue in transaction SMQ1

Step 6 (EWM).

To produce EWM-ERP integration registration in transaction SMQS
Type – R

Step 7 (ERP).

Save stuck DLW*- queue In SQM2 to SMQ3. For this purpose. Select queue -> Edit – > Save LUW

Step 8 (ERP)

Browse LIKP table in transaction SE16.
Found HANDLE for key VBELN where VBELN – Inbound Delivery Number from ERP

Step 9 (ERP).

Call function module /SPE/DELV_RESET_DIST_STATUS in transaction SE37
Take VBELN and HANDLE from Step 7

Step 10 (ERP).

Now you can delete Inbound Delivery and create a correct new and integrate it to EWM

Step 11 (EWM).

You can do virtual Goods Receipt for correct Inbound Delivery and use for this purpose HU numbers from txt-file from Step 4


SAP EWM routine task with examples from real life was provided

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      Author's profile photo Dominik Tylczynski
      Dominik Tylczynski

      Nice, instructive article. Might get useful if ERP-EWM integration goes south.


      Dominik Tylczynski

      Author's profile photo Roman Gorbenko
      Roman Gorbenko
      Blog Post Author

      Dominik, Thank you so much!

      Author's profile photo Alexey Karmazin
      Alexey Karmazin

      Hello Roman,

      Did you try to apply recommendations from SAP note "2178045 - Alternative approaches for entry of goods receipt corrections in EWM"?

      Best Regards,



      Author's profile photo Alejandro Velez
      Alejandro Velez

      Dear Roman

      Thank you for your article.

      I am working with S4 1809 - EWM9.5,  embedded-

      I tried to do the steps to reverse GR, but in the step 8 the inbound delivery is not issued. In the LIKP table there is not any delyvery

      Do you know what could be the reason ?

      Best Regards

      Author's profile photo Martin Prokop
      Martin Prokop

      Hello Roman,

      your described solution seems to be very complicated to me.

      I use simple SE16N + &sap_edit and delete the LIKP-VLSTK field in the ERP inbound delivery. After this I can post it manually in VL32N (and delete the outstanding faulty queue in SMQ2).

      After this I can create a return delivery to vendor (/SCWM/PRDI or directly VL60). Because with simple /SCWM/ADGI you don't clear the first inbound delivery quantity from PO history.