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SAP Cloud Platform Document Management – A new offering on SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform Document Management, in short Document Management, is the content management solution on the Cloud Foundry environment of SAP Cloud Platform.

Document Management is the preferred successor for two products on the SAP Cloud Platform Neo environment – the SAP Document Center and SAP Document Service. Document Management harmonizes capabilities of the Neo predecessors.

Document Management is available in different flavors to meet the customers’ needs:

  • Document Management, integration option – to develop a customized document management layer for business application.
  • Document Management, application option – a ready-to-use, Fiori-based, document management web application for content collaboration.
  • Document Management, repository option – to securely store files and folders.

Document Management, application option and Document Management, repository option in Cloud Foundry environment together provide the capabilities of SAP Document Center.

Document Management, integration option and Document Management, repository option together is the Cloud Foundry equivalent for SAP Document Service.

For both integration and application options, you can choose to use your own CMIS-compliant storage or use standard Document Management, repository.

More details about the new service on Cloud Foundry can be found here.

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    • Hello Maveric,

      The files which are currently stored in Document Service would continue to be there. Once you would like to move to the new solution on CF, we would support you with migration to move the content.



  • Hi Karunaharan,


    Thank you very much for sharing these details. This is really helpful.

    We are looking at the option of implementing "Document management service, Integration option" to one of our clients. We understand the standard SAP help and steps to subscribe to this service in SAP Cloud Platform. But, need some help on how this service is linked to the backend S/4HANA. Are there any steps in S/4 HANA that are to be performed for the "Document management service, Integration option" to be able to attach documents that goes and sits in the "Document management repository" storage. As far as we remember, there used to be transaction codes like OAC0, OAC2 and OAC3 in backend to set up content repositories and document types. just want to know if the "Document management service, Integration option" has such configuration steps at the backend. Appreciate your inputs on this topic.

    Looking forward for your reply


    Srini B

  • Hi Karunaharan,

    thank you for sharing. the link for more information is dead.

    i was wondering if:

    1. there any development guides already available for the document management for cloud foundry.
    2. is it available on cloud foundry trial
    3. if you already pay for neo document services is this included?

    Thank you in advance/

    kind reagrds

  • Hi Karunaharan

    Greate article ! Thanks for sharing...

    Please let me know the following :

    The message below appears in "SAP Cloud Platform Document Service" - Neo  available in "SAP Catalog Service"

    "This service is scheduled to be retired as of January 15, 2021. It will be available until the end of the current subscription term. It will not be available for renewal terms that begin after the retirement date "

    What will happen if I choose this old option in SAP Neo today, for example ?

    Will I need to change to Cloud Foundry until January 15, 2021 ?  Or it will continue being used in Neo after this date ? 

    I am asking this questions because in our subscription there is only Neo Services available...

    Best Regards,



    • Thanks for the feedback Cristian Pereira !

      If you subscribe for the Neo services before Jan 15, 2021, you will be able to use them until your subscription period.

      For example, if you subscribe for Document Service / Document Center in Neo today (10 September 2020) for a period of 2 years, then you can the service until 09 September 2022. After the subscription period, you won't be able to use/renew the service.

      Hope this helps.



  • Hi,

    does the new Document Managment repository option provide the same java proxy + CMIS API?

    As we would need to migrate from Document Service and we use the API in production.



    • Hello Mahesh,

      Document Management is not available on trial.

      For more information about the product, please reach out to Sharath ( who is the Product Owner or Asma Siddiqa who is the Service Owner.

  • Hi Karunaharan,

    In CF environment there is a service object store which can also be used to store documents or files.

    May I ask what's main difference here? When customer migrates document service, is it also OK to choose object store as replacement? Thanks.




    • Hi Donny Xu,

      Document Management is targeted for document and content management scenarios; create-update-delete documents, versioning, file permissions, sharing documents, preview, folder hierarchy, navigation, search, etc.
      It has a Web app and reusable UI5 component that provides out of the box document management capabilities
      The integration repository option of the service also lets you store and connect with other CMIS based repositories. This is the recommended service to switch to if previously using Document Service or SAP Document Center which were CMIS based as well.

      Object Store is targeted for the storage of objects alone, this is hyperscaler specific i.e you get an s3 bucket on AWS and blobstore for Azure. you may choose to use this if only concerned with storing objects(persistence) and not looking for document-based capabilities(content management).