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Good to know for engaging around SAP Intelligent RPA on SAP Community


It is fantastic to see this RPA community growing steadily and reading this great amount of exciting content and questions coming in day by day. I want to thank all contributors and followers for keeping this community up-to-date, relevant and lively. 

Let me point you to some suggestions and resources to make communication and the overall experience of SAP Intelligent RPA on SAP Community even more efficient: 


I can only encourage you to maintain your people profile on SAP Community, in order to be recognized and identified, and to get to know you better, as an author and community member. Upload a picture, write something about your role, maintain your settings, notifications, bookmarks and your inbox. 

User Tags 

Here are some user tags, that we introduced for creating blog posts or questions, but also for checking all blog posts or questions on this tag: 

There are many more in use. As per the nature of user tags, you can also create your own intuitive and repeatable user tagsor make use of those that are suggested to you when you type in key words. Make sure you use only those that are relevant for your content.  

Answering Questions 

Answering questions is a great way to interact with other members and exchange knowledge. We are regularly answering questions from the product team, and want to encourage everyone to do the same, in order to achieve a lively exchange of SAP and non-SAP community members, customers, partners and friends. 

Please distinguish between answers and comments. Answers are suggestions to solving the question or issue; comments are questions to understand the issue better, or further explanations about it. 

Asking Questions 

When you ask questions on the Community, please provide as much information about it as possible and support it with 

  • key words, 
  • screenshots, 
  • or other resources you may have  

to give everyone the chance to provide an answer. This will not only help people to easier understand and find it, but it will also increase your chances of getting the correct answer. 

If you asked a question and are satisfied with an answer provided, please mark it as answered. That makes answering questions simpler and more efficient. 

also recommend this tutorial. 


Another way to share knowledge is by becoming a contributor and writing your own blog posts. Share your experience, personal insights or technical knowledge about SAP Intelligent RPA with other community members. Remember to also add the user tags, as mentioned previously.  

also recommend this tutorial. 


Members who follow each others profile can exchange direct messages on the Community platform without having to exchange personal data. Also, you can enable notifications to be alerted for content from them. This is a great way to exchange with other RPA enthusiasts. 

I also recommend you to follow the blog posts you commented on or are especially interested in, as well as the questions you answered or commented on, so that you get notifications about any changes to that content, further answers, comments, etc. 

SAP Intelligent RPA Branding 

Other Resources 

Please check out additional relevant sources on this topic: 

SAP Intelligent RPA Content on SAP Community 

Visit the already existing other content on SAP Intelligent RPA: 

SAP Intelligent RPA Social Channels 

Follow us on social media: 

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      Author's profile photo Vadim Kalinin
      Vadim Kalinin

      Perfect example of marketing blog! Even without explanation what is RPA :))

      But it's possible to replace "RPA" with any other product name - text will remain the same.

      Do we really need blogs like this one?

      Author's profile photo Lena Grothaus
      Lena Grothaus
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Vadim Kalinin,

      thanks for your feedback. Actually the blog contains already existing user tags and links to content on this community specific to SAP Intelligent RPA. I am monitoring all content on SAP Intelligent RPA on SAP Community and would like to enhance the experience around the topic here. The tips I gave are indeed valid for other topics here which is why I gave those general resources as links.

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Lena Grothaus
      Lena Grothaus
      Blog Post Author

      Hello everybody,

      check also the new videos about Blogging on SAP Community.