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How to Use the ‘Post Automatically Only’ Indicator in G/L Master Data

How to Use the ‘Post Automatically Only’ Indicator

Based on the customer inquiries in Post Automatically Only, some customers use cases and recommended solutions as follows:

Use Cases and Symptoms

1. A customer is using a custom G/L account 23001100 and receives an error when posting to this G/L account. The error message says “Account 23001100” in company code “XXXX” has the indicator “Automatic posting only”. However, the customer wants to do manual posting with this G/L Account.

2. In some of the countries, for example, Singapore, users can claim VAT refund/Tax refund. Therefore, the customer wants to manually post all the claimable VAT (refund) under the example custom tax account 23001100, Error message indicator – “Account 23001100 & can only be posted to internally in company code XXXX” displayed.


The root cause why for the showing only automatic postings is allowed is very likely that the customer created this account by copying a G/L account where the indicator ‘Post automatically only’ = Yes. If you want to manually post to this account, you must set this field to “No”.

However, it is often not modifiable in the Edit mode of the Manage G/L Account Master Data (150001) configuration step. If you want the “Post automatically only” to be modifiable, you can choose an Account Group that is not set to “Display” with the Post Automatically Only field.

Post Automatically Only Indicator in G/L Account Master Data

  • When this indicator is selected, only the system can post to this account based on configuration in the account assignment. For example, In configuration step (103508) – Automatic Account Determination, this table contains accounts determined by the integrated modules that trigger FI postings. This indicator is normally set on inventory accounts, material variance accounts, and currency evaluation accounts.
  • Once the indicator is set and postings have been made to the account, be carefully about deselecting this indicator. If you deselect your inventory accounts, it could cause your G/L accounts to become out of balance with the material ledger.

Account Group

Whether this field is editable is controlled by the Account Group field. System takes the field status definition from the account group: Hide, Display, Required entry or Optional Entry

The “Post automatically only” field can be edited only for G/L accounts of pre-delivered “Account Group”:
ERG. – Income statement accounts
• MAT. – Materials management accounts

Correction Options

Option 1: Use/Copy GL Account with Post Automatically Only set to NO (Account with Balance)

  • A solution is to copy with reference account to a new account with correct settings that allows manual posting, “Posting Automatically Only” set to “No” via Manage G/L Account Master Data app (150001). (Pre- delivered Account Group, refer to ‘ERG’ or ‘MAT’ as mentioned above;

  • Clear all the postings on the old account first;

  • Transfer the existing items to this new account.

Option 2: Define a New Account Group and Assign it to the Account

Standard chart of accounts and standard account groups defined are delivered by SAP and cannot be changed, customer can create own account groups and assign to G/L account master:

  • Use Configuration Step 103508 Define Account Group (Released in CE2005) to create your own account groups by copying or creating new entries with custom names starting with “X” or “Y” for the operational standard chart of accounts.

  • To enable the flag : Select the custom account group and go to “Field Status” à ‘”Document entry” à “Post automatically only” – flag ‘Opt. Entry’

  • Assign the new account group and set “Posting Automatically Only” set to “No” in the Manage G/L Account Master Data configuration step. (150001);

  • Delete account group’s created in namespace Y and Z, if they are not assigned to any G/L accounts. (New custom account group deletion function will be enabled in future releases)

Configuration Step 103508 Define Account Group

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