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Updating the model with additional or new fields in SAP Analytics Cloud

In this blog post we will see how to update the model with additional or new field/dimentions in a model in SAP Analytics Cloud.



  1. open the model which you need to update.
  2. Let’s say, In the current model we have imported data from an universe.
  3. Let’s say,The universe contains 5 columns,such as:
    • C1
    • C2
    • C3
    • C4
    • C5
  4. Initially the model was imported with three columns, such as
    1. C1
    2. C2
    3. C3
  5. Now if we wanted to add the other dimensions C4 and C5 into the model, we can’t directly edit the dataset in the model(In Data Management tab).
  6. In order to bring in C4 and C5, Create two dimensions for C4 and C5 name it appropriately in the model tab.
  7. After creating the dimensions,Go to the Data Management tab and import the data form the same universe with the old columns and as well as the new columns. For instance, in our case we need to add C1,C2,C3,C4,C5.
  8. After uploading the data, the uploaded data will be in Draft data section.
  9. Double click on that draft data.
  10. The mapping screen opens up.
  11. Map the respective fields.
  12. Make sure the import method accordinly on the details pane.
  13. Click on Finish mapping.
  14. Now the model will be updated with the additional fields as well.

So This is how we can update the models in SAP Analytics Cloud with new/additional fields. We will be discussing about the import methods in detail in the upcoming blog posts.

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  • Hi Shantanu, what a coincidence you post this blog!

    I was precisely trying to add dimensions to the model that I've been developing for some time, and I don't have the options that you indicate in step 7 enabled. I've successfully carried out this process that you've explained on other occasions, but I don't find what it can be failing this time with this model.

    Do you know any reason why these options might be disabled in a model?

    Great article! thanks in advance!

    Best regards, Pablo

  • /
  • Step 13 is not ver clear i.e. how to map the respective fields specially for the new users or in cases where new column in the data source automatically maps to some existing dimension in the model wrongly. In such cases you need to double click on the dimension, remove the wrong mapping and then do the correct mapping.


    Here is the video explaining the process in case you are not familiar with it:



  • In the classic model, fields would update automatically once the data source was linked but the new model requires each dimension to be maintained or the records will reject. Have you been able automatically maintain new fields in dimensions via a data source maintained?