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Requirement Import in Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager

In this blog post I will describe how you can use the Requirement Import report which was introduced with Focused Build SP03 and enhanced in SP05 to import already existing requirements to your Solution Manager.

With the upload report you can import requirements, which have already been defined before into your production Solution Manager. This could be the case if the preparation phase of your SAP S/4HANA Project already started on another system, e.g. a Model Company or SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL). It can also be used if you first created the requirements on your development Solution Manager and then decide to reuse and import them into your PRD Solman, without recreating them one by one.

Start by downloading the requirements that have already been created in the ‘Requirements Management’ application and get the structure of the excel file.

You can start by searching for the relevant requirements with the available filters and then download the list as an excel file by clicking on the ‘Export to Spreadsheet’ button. After that you can review the downloaded requirement list and even adjust information of the requirements directly in the Excel file.

Subsequently your excel file is ready and you can upload your requirements into your target Solution Manager.

For the upload we need to execute the report /SALM/Requirement_Import. Here we start by providing the solution, where the requirements should be uploaded to and the excel file as such.

After that there are several options, on how the report should be executed. The first checkbox ‘Test mode’ is recommended for the initial execution of the report to make sure that the report runs as expected and reads all entries correctly, without importing the requirements. If the test execution is successful, the flag can be removed.

The three options below decide how the content of the requirements will be processed during the import and how the report behaves in certain scenarios (e.g. missing information). As of SP05 there are extended consistency checks which will give us a corresponding message such as: Completeness of obligatory Fields; Duplicate Requirements; Success of Process Structure mapping.

The following result of the report shows three different cases that can occur for requirements.

On the very right we can see the status of each requirement (warning, error, successful).

The first requirement gives us a warning that says ‘Element not found’. This means that the linked Element of the Solution Documentation (e.g. process step) could not be found in the structure. This can happen if the structure of your target Solution Manager differs from your source Solution Manager. In this case the requirement will still be created, but the information of the linked Solution Documentation element will get lost. This is called a ‘Standalone Requirement’

The second requirement gives us an error because the maintained owner cannot be found in the system. In this case we can check the bottom box ‘Complete empty entries […] with the current logon user’.

With this option activated the maintained owner information of the requirement will be overwritten with the owner who executes the report. As a result, the second requirement from before has a green status now as well and can be successfully imported, just as the third requirement.

The result still shows that 0 requirements are successfully created, as it runs in test mode.

Finally, with the test flag removed the requirements will be imported into your target Solution Manager system and will be available in the Requirements Management application:

For more details about the uploading process of requirements you can also check the application help of Focused Build which can be found here: Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager

If you have any input, please feel free to comment and share!

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      Author's profile photo Matthew Harmon
      Matthew Harmon

      Thanks for the blog.  One question, I exported some test requirements that were already created directly in our development system and just wanted to upload them again.  I switched the attribute to 'Keep existing values' for the BP and ran in Test Mode.  I get an error:


      Error: File contains tabulation or line break


      Also, when I export, there are HTML tags in the description rich text column, is this to be expected?  How will it behave if these are blank for appended uploads?  Thanks in advance.

      Author's profile photo Meriem Souissi
      Meriem Souissi

      Hello, this is due to a tabulation in the excel file which is formatted as a new column, the line break is formatted as new line in excel, so you need to remove all tabulation/linebreaks from the excel. I worked on this program from a long time. I am happy that its a successfull one.

      Author's profile photo Reza Ejersbo
      Reza Ejersbo

      Hello I got this error any ides, what is the problem with my templet file with backlogs?


      Author's profile photo Manuel Namyslo
      Manuel Namyslo

      wowwwww JASON AMAZING BLOG !!!!!!!!!!

      Author's profile photo Theresa Prawdzik
      Theresa Prawdzik

      This is a useful feature but could be improved to support importing requirements from an external source. It would be nice to identify only the element name (process or process step) in the excel file and the program would do the lookup of element ID and assign the requirement automatically to the correct process.

      Author's profile photo Samikhya Dash
      Samikhya Dash



      Is it possible to import requirements to SolMan 7.2 in a Non Focus build scenario where I am using Core functionality and also Is it possible to link Requirements to Process Steps in non focus build case?