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Scheduling Publications – Number of publications

As of 2020 Q2 QRC , there has been quite a few queries around how many publications you could send with scheduling publications  , Hence i thought of publishing this article to clarify on the same .

Before we get started on the numbers , i would like to define again what is a publication .

A Publication is an end output of the Scheduling publications Story/ Analytics application which can be sent to the recipients. Eg.   It could be a PDF copy  which can be sent over to a number of recipients. A schedule can consists of multiple views which would generate multiple publications .

In the 2020 Q2 QRC, Each view is generating one independent publications as there is one copy generated output of a view

E.g : A schedule consists of 5  Views (using Bookmarks) which would generate 5 publications.

Let’s take a closer look on what you get with 2020 Q2 QRC.
  1. To be eligible for scheduling publications , Customers need to have a minimum of total 25 SAC licenses (Sum of SAC BI, SAC Planning – Standard and Professional and SAC BI Concurrent licenses.
  2. Under the current licensing what you already have for SAP Analytics Cloud with the included price, You would get a limited number of publications per hour for the entire day.
  3. Number is determined as here :  5% of total number of SAC licenses you own in your Tenant.
  4. Every Publications can be sent to every other SAC users registered in the SAC Tenant and to Three Non-SAC users who are not a part of SAC Tenant


E.g Customer with 100 licenses, customer can generate 5 publications per hour.

It also means for a customer with 100 licenses , they can generate 120 publications in total for the entire day and distribute the same to each and every SAC users they have registered in their tenant and as well each publication can be sent to 3 unique Non SAC users. Customer can use this every day  of the  hour with-in the limit .

Any publications exceeding the limit would not run successful and no queuing mechanism is followed.

To further clarify on calculation how the rounding happens, If 5% of total number of licenses in decimals falls less than 0.5, previous integer number gets rounded and if its 0.5 and above , the next higher integer is rounded.

Eg :

Customer has 109 licenses , 5% of this would be 5.45   ~  5 Publications Per hour

Customer has 111 licenses ,  5% of this would be 5.55   ~  6 Publications Per hour


Please refer the below table for references on what you would if you:

When a schedule is created for a specific time slot and if that time slot hour already have other scheduled publications created by same or different users and the slot cannot accommodate more than what is your limit  for number of publications for your Tenant, Schedule owner is shown a warning while creating the schedule and if run, the schedule may fail for that slot created however you can still force to create the schedule and later ensure to delete other schedules allotted for that slot so that you can accommodate within your limits for your schedule to be run at that point in time.



Where you can find out your total number of SAC licenses:

Navigate to SAC Application menu-> System->Monitor  (You need  the right privileges for this to view)



Note: Digital Boardroom and SAP Analytics Hub user licenses is not  counted for calculation.



  • Customers can distribute the entire load of publications for the day across the entire 24 hours time slots to maximise the publications available and make best use of existing of  licenses.
  • Every user registered with Concurrent users license  is eligible to be a recipient for the publications which offers advantages over named user licenses
  • More number of SAC licenses customers has , the more publications they can make use of the same.
  • Customers interested to increase their number of publications  per hour based on their need  can simply purchase more SAC licenses.


For Partners exclusively  for the PartnerTest Tenant types,  Please read this blog here

Please  do write back to me on my mail id in case you would further like to discuss around this.

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    • Hi Mustafa,

      In the first cut of the release , scheduling publications is not yet supported for embedded applications. Once it’s available, it would be communicated accordingly.



  • Hi Mustafa,

    Let’s assume we schedule a story with 30  Prompts for one recipient. In this scenario how many publications are identified by SAC?

    E.g: Head of Sales recives a seperate PDF for Each of each 30 sales Region

    Thank you for your support!


    • Hi Balazs,

      All in all, what it matters is how many independent publications (2020 Q2 QRC , its PDF) copies you are generating. You can use multiple prompts values with-in the same view or use a combinations of multiple  filters with a bookmark view and if u generate one view out of it which is equal to one publications.

      A schedule can consists of multiple publications (each publications would be from the same story / analytics application bt  consisting   of different views representing different data for the selected prompts / bookmarks)

      Let me know if you have any questions still ?


  • Hi Karthik,

    Thank you for your nice article. I have two questions about this topic.

    1. The overview section of our tenant is showing the message under licenses “Maximmum number of publications every 6 hours – 6”. Are the slots calculated per hour or per 6 hours?
    2. If a single occurrence publication has finished successfully are the slots made free or they still count towards the total count? What happens if I delete one of the already run publication? Is the reserved slot free afterward or the calculation also includes all run and deleted instances as well?

    Thanks and best regards,


    • Hi Aneeque,

      I think you are referring to an internal SAP SAC Tenant . 6 publications for every 6 hours is currently for only  internal SAP Tenants and not for external . Also, these are anyways for Development and Testing for internal tenants. The allowed limits on production tenants for customers are calculated  based on every hour based on the  n umber of SAC licenses customer brings in  as mentioned in the blog.

      E.g :

      Total SAC Licenses : 500

      Allowed number of publications  per hour : 5% of 500 = 25.

      You can make use of these 25 Publications (Independent PDF copy out of a View when you generate)  in 25 different schedules  OR  5 schedules with 5 different publications or the choice is yours so that you can a make use. There is no spill allowed for now meaning if unused , you cant make use of the same in the next hour.