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Configure Agents, Agent groups and Machine in SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory


In this blog post, you will learn how to create Environments, Agents, Agent Groups, and Machine. It is well suited when Environments are available from the debug mode (SAP iRPA Desktop).


This is useful when you need to connect your machine to SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory which then allows you to run/debug and use the variables stored on the Cloud Factory.

The point to note that if an environment is not configured in a desktop agent then variables (Credentials and Texts) will not be accessible.


SAP Intelligent RPA version used: Desktop Studio

Steps in action

1. Environments creation 

Log-in to your SAP Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory active account, click on the menu item Environments, and create new environments according to your need choosing from Test, Dev, and Prod.

2. Agent Groups creation

Click on the menu item Agents and then click on the button ‘New agent groups’.

Enter the desired name and choose Type = Machine. Please note that here we are configuring the machine (Desktop/Laptop).

Get the machine name. On your desktop/laptop, execute the command hostname (windows+R -> cmd) and copy the machine name.

Configure machine. Click on the symbol ‘+’ and paste machine name in the field *Name (*Label will auto-populate), click on the button Create, and then Save.

Performed the following tasks to configure and connect your machine with an agent.

  1. Step inside your Environments (created in step-1)
  2. Click on the Agents tab
  3. Click to Add Agent
  4. Choose your created Agents group from the drop-down
  5. Select your configured machine
  6. Finally, click button Add.

3. Environments configuration in Desktop Agent

Start debugger and then click on the Settings.

Choose your desired environment and save. Now, you are done.


Now you should be able to create and configure environments, agents, and agents group, and configure it in the desktop studio.

To get more, please have a look at SAP Intelligent RPA – Use of Credential and Setting Activities (SAP iRPA Desktop Studio)

Happy learning!

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  • Great article. Thanks for sharing. If we want to do login based agent mapping, what login is expected?? I tried with S user id but it didn't work..Please let me know...

    • Thanks Srinivas.

      It works with the email login. Please try with the registered email id which is used while login on the SAP iRPA Cloud Factory.

      Please note that if you create login based agent for others email then make sure that the email is registered to the same tenant. Also, the same email id is used to login while setting tenant in Desktop Agent in the machine (Laptop/Desktop).

      Please have a look on below screen shots, I hope it helps.

  • Hi Vishal,

    Very nice writeup and infact your post helped me in setting up the agent in my personal system.

    If I want to do the same setup in a Corporate VDI, what should be the setup then? Registering tenant won't be a problem, as our network can connect to internet. But will it be okay, if we just give the hostname of the computer in cloud factory? Will a corporate network, allow such a connection from SAP cloud factory? If not what might be the security aspects, we will have to look into

    Any thoughts or inputs on this?

    • Thanks, Johnson Jos.

      Desktop Agent connection setup with Cloud Factory tenant can be done by using either Login or Machine. Therefore, the same way it should work in a Corporate VDI as well (Note: I haven't tried this hence I am not sure about this).

      Regarding the security aspects, I would suggest you please have a look on the below documentation.

      SAP Intelligent RPA Security Guide

      Hope this helps.