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Author's profile photo Uladzislau Pralat

BW Table Monitor

Keeping BW system size under control is important for system performance and stability. There are many ways you can monitor table sizes. Some BW developers approach it from HANA native side, but I prefer from application side using CDS views (which is in line with BW/4HANA statistics approach). My BW table monitor program is helpful in many ways:

  • Monitor table sizes (find candidates for clean up and partitioning)
  • Overview data target types (find candidates for HANA optimization and BW/4HANA conversion)
  • Overview of PSAs (find candidates for housekeeping and ODP BW/4HANA conversion)

BW table monitor program is developed for BW on HANA and allows to monitor following tables:

  • HANA Optimized Cube F-Table
  • Standad Cube F-table
  • Standad Cube E-table
  • Classic DSO Active Table
  • Classic DSO Change Log Table
  • Classic DSO Inbound Queue
  • Advanced DSO Inbound Table
  • Advanced DSO Active Data Table
  • Advanced DSO Change Log
  • 3.x DataSource PSA
  • 7.x DataSource PSA

By default, data is sorted by table size descending allowing to focus on largest tables first, but you can filter and sort data any way you like.

ABAP program code and CDS view code can be downloaded from Github:




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      Author's profile photo Luc VANROBAYS

      Hello Ulad,

      simple and straightforward view of tables size. I guess you enjoy ALV as much as I do ( probably a old goodie, but still very handy ).

      I was curious and checked on other AnyDb if the consumption ABAP CDS view RV_C_HDBTABSIZES would return anything, but nothing, 9 notice the HDB radical in it ? );none of underlying tables ( RVISBWOBJ, RVISIZING, RVITABSIZE ) was filled in with stats in NW Innovation 752 on ASE...But,those tables seem to be designed for Hana/AnyDb comparaison, or at least interoperability.

      Moving further with some BPC Std Models activation, I went back to check tables sizes with ZBW_TABLE_MONITOR. Stil missing the ones from /CPMB namespace.

      Simple Nice effort,




      Author's profile photo Corvin Schindler
      Corvin Schindler

      Hello Uladzislau,

      I am a fan of neat little tools to get an overview over the BW system and its tables. So I tried it immediately and it does the job.

      I want to make a comment regarding the displayed size. You are calculating the size of the tables by multiplying the record count with the table length. This does not result in the actual table size. So the size is maybe only a very rough metric for comparing tables.

      For getting the largest BW objects I am using the transaction ST14.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Uladzislau Pralat
      Uladzislau Pralat
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Corvin,

      it is the best we can do estimating table sizes from application side. But it still does the job comparing tables and giving a big picture of storage utilization.

      Regards, Uladzislau

      Author's profile photo Julian Juraske
      Julian Juraske

      You actually could read the "SYS"."M_CS_TABLES", and you could go down even further and read the Partitions of the the Table in the "SYS"."M_CS_PARTITIONS.