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Author's profile photo Mateusz Mikulski

SAP Analytic Cloud: Measure and Dimension Input Control

When we create a new chart in SAP Analytic Cloud, we need to select measures and dimensions to be shown on the chart (or instead of just selecting the measure, we can create calculated one). There is another option – use Input Control and let Story viewer decide, what measures and dimensions he would like to see. This is a great way to improve Story interactivity.

Please note that all screens are taken based on Q2.2020 SAC release – some options can be changed with future SAP Analytic Cloud releases.

On the example below, user can select Measure and Dimension from input controls (on the left side).

Using Input Control Measure / Dimension

To enable measure/dimension selection from input control, just open the Builder tab, select Add Measure, and scroll down to the list of measures to select Create Measure Input Control.

In the next window define which measures will be available on the input control.

That’s it – the input control measure is ready to be used on your chart. You can still change some settings of input control or change the name of it. Important – the name defined on the input control will be then visible on the list of all measures.

In the same way, you can add a Dimension Input Control – hit Add Dimension, scroll down, and created Dimension Input Control.

Input Control Measure / Dimension for many widgets

When input controls are created, you can reuse them on many charts and widgets. It means that using the same input, you can control many charts. When you add a new chart to your Story, just select previously created Input Control measure or dimension.

In the example below Input Measure is used on both charts. However, the Tree Map dimension – Country – is not dynamic.

Input Control measures and dimensions can be utilized not only on charts.

For example, it can be selected as a Reference Line measure:

It can be also part of Dynamic Text:

Or it can be used to control the table:

Once created Input Control Measures and dimensions are available for the whole story – they are not limited to just a single-story page.

Live data and Acquired data

It is important to mention – and it is not always obvious – that the Input Control Measure / Dimension is available for stories based on acquired data and for Live Data Stories. For Live Data Stories the functionality is not limited anyhow.

Summary and I wish

Based on the SAP Analytic Cloud road map, I assume there are no further improvements planned for Input Control Measures and Dimensions. However, it would be nice to have some small amenities:

  • setting the name on the initial screen (where measures/dimensions to be included are selected);
  • Possibility to change the input control orientation (vertical/horizontal);
  • On the measure/dimension list it should be immediately visible (special icon?) which one is created by input control.

Still, if you would like to give more flexibility to Story viewer and increase your dashboard interactivity, using Input Control Measures and Dimensions is a good idea.

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      Author's profile photo Douglas Maltby
      Douglas Maltby

      Another "I wish"...Measure Input Control Groups.

      One issue with the measure input control is there's seemingly no way to group measures in the input control. It's seems to be "all or none".

      We have a live BW sales query with multiple date-based CKF measures, and we'd like to be able to select an input control for measure "groups" like Today, MTD, QTD, YTD. Developing an Analytic App may be our only real choice, but that diminishes self-service business analyst control and puts responsibility back in IT.

      Our only other alternative seems to be creating separate SAC story tabs for Today, MTD, QTD, YTD, which is also less than ideal. We'd like to use the measure input control "group" with controls on 4 tables/charts on the same story tab.

      Author's profile photo Thijs Lescouhier
      Thijs Lescouhier

      Interesting read, especially the part on the input controls for many widgets!

      As a nice to have, it would be valuable to be able to select multiple values in the dimension/measure input controls at once. Now this is only limited to selecting one dimension/measure per input control.

      Author's profile photo paras jain
      paras jain

      Can we populate different mesaures values in multiple charts based on the selection in the measure input control?

      Author's profile photo Antonia Grimm
      Antonia Grimm

      Can I use dimension input control as a story filter?

      Author's profile photo Kumar D V
      Kumar D V


      Is there any possibility to select all the metrics available in the Measure Input Control for the table? I have checked and I think, we can select only one metric at a time to see the data in the table from Measure Input Control option, but one of my clients asked if that could be possible.

      Just want to check on that.




      Author's profile photo Thayumanavan Swamynathan
      Thayumanavan Swamynathan

      Hi @Mateusz Mikulski


      we have Dimension input control and measure input control in one page. when we change the value in measure & dimension input control  its working then I try to change the page on that time it is failed to load.

      can you please help us to sort it out.