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A common list view for task lists and operations

One of the highest voted requirements for the SAP EAM Plant Maintenance (2016) Customer Influence Opportunity has been to provide a list transaction that provides a single common view of task lists and their operations, so the maintenance planners can get a one-stop overview of the task lists maintained for preventative maintenance. We have now realized this with the new IA38 and IA39 transactions:

With these new transactions, you have access to a comprehensive overview of task lists, you can display the task list header and operation level data in a single list view including some key indicators such as long text and component indicators, as well as a field for displaying maintenance package assignments.

To make it truly a one-stop overview for preventative maintenance, we’re offering a navigation to connected master data and documents, such as functional locations and equipment, as well as maintenance items and orders.

The new functionality is available with SAP Note 2870957 or with the latest support packages of enhancement package 7&8 for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. You can enable the new functionality by implementing either the SAP Note or installing the corresponding support packages, and switching on the Enterprise Asset Management Part 14 business function. To find out more, visit the linked release notes.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new functionality, so please comment if you have any questions!

To receive updates about future improvements, follow this blog post .


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  • We have implemented this new transaction via the note. Please note that it pulls in a further 21 notes and changes 400+ elements but we had no issues what so ever. Our end users love this transaction especially the packages fields so they can see it all on the list screen instead of looking at each individual Operation.

    The component check boxes are also great as well as searching for Task Lists assigned to Outline Agreements. We are using Open Text work-spaces so the documents checkbox doesn't work but we will sort that one out somehow so they can see that documents are assigned to operations.

    This is a great improvement for a Planner or Master data person for editing Task Lists but for a normal end user being able to search and display Task Lists and then see all the Work Orders assigned is a breeze.

    Great improvement 🙂

  • Dear Gabor! Could you, please, inform about hide or extra steps of configuration system.

    I asked for help my Basis's colleagues - we've implemented Note 2870957, activated BF LOG_EAM_SIMPLICITY_14, made manual activities etc. Unfortunately, tcode IA38 (IA39) isn't available.

    In any case, thank you very much for sharing product information!

    • Dear Peter,


      The mass change functionality in the IA38 transaction for the task list headers and operations is currently under development, to be released in the near future.


      Best regards,

      Gábor Fazekas

      • Perfect - thanks...

        Here's a few more simple enhancements to IA38/9 that I had noted previously:

        1. Mass change like IW28/IW38, etc
        2. Menu link to IP16 - Maintenance Plans
        3. Menu link to IA16 - Task List Costing
        4. Menu link to IP17 - Print Task List
        5. Menu link to IP15 - Change Documents
        6. Menu link to IP21 - Change Documents
        7. Menu link to IW29 - Notification List (may need some IW29 work to select via task list)
        8. Menu link to IA10 - Task List Multi-Level
        9. Add selection-screen option for selecting via task list class
        10. Add a dynamic selection button to the selection screen similar to IW40
        11. Change to newer LVC style ALV
        12. Add count to ALV title, including the filter count (assuming LVC ALV)
        13. Add checkbox for relationships
        14. Add checkbox for object dependencies
        15. Add selection-screen option selecting via: PRT, material, insp char (like buttons at the top of IW38)
        16. Add "dark mode" select-option as per many of the other PM list edit reports (DY_SELM)
        17. A customer-exit in the application toolbar for us to add our own functions
        18. A menu-exit for us to add our own functions


        I couldn't remember whether hierarchical task lists are enabled in IA38??

        Personally speaking - I would prefer "counts" rather than checkboxes as sometimes you need to validate the number of items.


        • Dear Peter,


          Apart from the mass change we do not intend to enhance the functionality of the IA38/9 transactions in the near future. However implementing a material search for the list is also under discussion with the user groups.

          As for the ALV, we are using the currently recommended ALV control, that does not allow us to implement the counter functionality with the same look and feel as in the other PM lists. There is however the counter field to get the same information, albeit with a different look.

          Hierarchical task lists are excluded from the selection.


          Let me know if you have any further questions.


          Best regards,,