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Workaround Solution For Supplier Returnable Transport Packaging Process

Process Overview

Returnable transport packaging (RTP) is a multi-trip packaging medium (for example, pallets or containers) in which goods can be transported more than once between vendors and customers.Returnable transport packaging from a vendor that is stored at a location on your premises is managed as special stock and clearly assigned as belonging to the vendor. It is the property of the vendor and is therefore not included in the customer’s valuated stock

What type of RTP Stock is ?

This stock belongs to vendor, hence its not valuated

Its Stock type is always Un-restricted. This stock can no be in quality or blocked

RTP materials are treated as non-valuated material in system (Mat Type UNBW)

Detailed Process Steps >

Let’s assume, TG10 is the main ordered item in PO 4500000024 & this material is shipped in vendor returnable packaging NV01 i.e. Boxes. Following process tries to explain how to track Returnable packaging material in system & update relevant inventory as special stock

Step 1- Run SAP Fiori App – Post Goods Movement

Step 1.bmp

After clicking the option + (as highlighted ) System will prompt additional line item –

Enter RTP material code e.g. NV01

Quantity – 1

Plant – 1710

Sloc – 171A

Ensure Mov. Type 501 & Special Stock Indicator M

Enter Supplier Code

Once all the information is entered, click on Check for any missing details then Post the document

Step 2- Check the Material Stock in SAP Fiori App – Stock – Multiple Materials

Material stock for Material NV01 is visible as special stock along with supplier information

Step 3- Return Process of RTP back to Vendor

Go in Fiori App – Post Goods Movement

At line item details – Enter Material Code, Quantity to be returned, Plant/Sloc & Supplier details& ensure Mov Type 502 is entered with special stock indicator M

After entering all the information, click on Check for any missing details then Post the document

No FI document is generated after posting the document since RTP material type is non valuated

Step 4- Check the Material Stock in SAP Fiori App – “Stock – Multiple Materials”

Stock is reduced with the quantity returned back to Supplier TT-VENDOR1

Above example is simulated in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Release 2005 test system. Test data is only for representation purpose

Additional Learning

  • Scope ID 2UU will not be localized for any other country in the world, except for Brazil.
  • List of “Returnable” scope items that are available for S/4 Cloud


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      Author's profile photo Jeewantha Dissanayake
      Jeewantha Dissanayake

      How can we transfer returnable packaging materials from one plant to another?