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Using message mapper to harmonize message in Web UI for SAP Transportation Management

In your daily SAP TM work, you could generally see all kinds of message during the almost each operation, however, sometimes you might expect to change certain message content with typical reasons like:

  • Use your specific industrial terms to describe the details
  • Change the message type in terms of severity you defined
  • Displace the message completely to better fit for your business scenario
  • Others

SAP TM offers such capability (message mapping) to adapt the runtime message after necessary settings are made.

In this blog, we will go through the steps to adapt the message to be your version’s. For your better understanding, let’s have an example to explain it.


A freight order is already locked by myself somewhere, and now I am trying to edit it again in a new access, so system prevents me to do that and raise a warning message “Document “Freight Order 6100004364” is already locked by yourself in another session

PS: the above message id is /SCMTMS/MSG and message number is 253, message type is W(warning)

Now I want to harmonize this message into 1). Display it as error message 2). Change the message content into “You already locked document FO 6100004364 in other session, please end it first” as below.

By following below configuration steps, you can adapt the message in different manners.

Configuration Steps

1.     Enable Message Mapping in Floorplan Manager Component

Floorplan Manager component could be OVP, OIF, GAF and you can either enhance or create Customizing on it.
In above component UI(here I used component Customizing approach), go to General Settings -> Message Mapper Settings

In Change Message Mapper Settings window, 1). enable the message mapping setting option and 2). select generalization type as Default generalization.

You can also enable the message logging by enabling the related options.

Save the change.

Note: this change requests the workbench TR(if use enhancement way) or Customizing TR(if go with Floorplan Manager component Customizing).

2.     Maintain the Alternative Message to Overwrite the Original Message.

Go to configuration SPRO->SAP NetWeaver->UI Technologies->Floorplan Manager->Message Settings->Define FPM Message Mapping.

In this activity, you need to 1). Fill the original message details exactly match as system raised and 2). the alternative message to substitute the original message.

To fit my above example, I filled the original message information correctly,  the original message class is /SCMTMS/MSG , message number is 253 and message type is W(warning), meanwhile I defined a new message class with my preferred message content(see below screenshot) which to be the alternative message to replace the original message content.  The alternative message class is ZTM_MSG, alternative message number is 001, alternative message type is E.


The fields in this view have respective usages as explained below:

Namespace: indicate the entry is a customer entry (namespace start with Y* or Z*) or product delivered entry.

Application Context Name: indicate which application the original message is from, for SAP TM, this is defined in application control setting (See below screenshot). However, if application context name is not available, it must be maintained as same as Message Class.

Message Class: Original message id

Message Number: Original message number

Type: Original message type raised by system.

Message Category: designed to classify the messages, in SAP TM, this is also defined in application control setting (see below screenshot).

Alternative Message Class: message class to replace original message class.

Alternative Message Number: message number to replace the original number.

Note: during define your alternative message number, you can have the proper message variant as used in original message number.

Alternative Message: plain message text. ONLY when alternative message class and alternative message number are both not available, it would consider this plain message text.

Alternative Message Type: message type to replace the original message type.

Hide: suppress the original message.

Final: Defines whether an alternate message can be overridden by the customer or not. For example, when an standard entry(namespace is not a customer namespace) has false selection of this field, system will look for other customer entry(namespace starts with Y* or Z*) with same combination(application context name + message class + message number + type + category) and use the new customer alternative to replace if it is found.

Note: this screenshot is an example from freight order application controller setting, for different applications, there will have different application controller settings, you should check the message context and category separately there.

Once above settings are done, you will see your new owned message instead of the original’s.

Please notice this is not a SAP TM base feature, but provided by Floorplan Manager UI framework, in other words, any other SAP web applications built on Floorplan Manager are all available to use this message mapper functionalities to adapt the system messages.

Since this feature is offered by Floorplan Manager , so it would only work in the web UI, for any other GUI transactions or interface, the message will remain as original’s

Last highlight is only T100 and BAPIRET2 message can be mapped, for more information, please refer to SAP help of message mapper.



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