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S/4 Purchase Order Flexible Workflow: Push Notifications














Following the Purchase Order Flexible Workflow series, today we’re gonna talk about Notifications. For every Activity that you enter (through SWDD_SCENARIO) you’ll see the Notification Tab:

This tab tells you if that specific Task has Push Notifications Active or not (and mapping).

If you select, you’ll go to a “new” Transaction: SWF_PUSH_NOTIF_CUST (with the specific WF already filtered). If you desire to go through all WFs at the same time, just open this transaction in a new screen:

It’s pretty simple, you need your WF/Task number, activate and map Actions and Texts to make the Push notification happen. Let’s take an example that i’ve created:

When the Workflow is created, in my Launchpad:

If you wan’t to know deeper details on how to configure from scratch and more technical details, you can download the PDF here and to to the official documentation here.

Bonus: There are some new SWF* Transactions available in S/4, you can explore if you wan’t to know more:

Like SWF_FOOTPRINT for example:



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    • Hello venu gopal , how are you? With this Tcode configured, every time a new Workflow is created a Push Notification is sent to the Approvers Launchpad automatically.


  • Hello Josh,

    Thanks for your update, let me ask you one more question as I am new to this topic, suppose if you are not cobfigured above T.code then what could be the result ? is it manuval process to trigger ?

    • Hello venu gopal,

      If you have a Flexible Workflow without Push configured the flow will work normally, without any issues (just like Classical Workflows). The process to trigger is not manual, just the configuration above will result in notifications on the approvers Launchpad, ok?


  • Hi,

    I'm missing the Notification Tab for workflows. Will this mean the push notification functionality doesn't work for these or am I missing some customizing?

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Jose,

    In case of the release of a PR/PO using flexible workflow. Is it possible to set up push notifications to inform the initiator that the approver has approved/rejected the document?

    Kind regards.

  • Hello,


    I am having problems with Flexible Workflow for PR/PO. No notifications are being pushed at all.

    I assume that when a PR gets rejected a notification should be pushed for the requester right? I can see that I have texts updated for PR and PO tasks. Those texts refer to newly created PR/PO for approvers. still those notifications are not being shown.

    My main question is, where do I set the notification for rejected PRs? So the requester would receive a message telling him/her that the PR needs to be changed?



    • Hello Gonzalo Simon, how are you?

      Regarding the notifications, please go through the steps here to make sure as is setup.

      Regarding the notification when the PR gets rejected, should it have the reject text...? Is it a possibility to use some ABAP code as well or you need to be 100% configuration?


  • Hello Jose ,


    Very nice blog.. we done. I have a issue though , Can we send hyperlink in Notification ? When i send it through workflow , it consider it as text. I had also tried it woth html tag.