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Stockroom management in S/4HANA – Advantages and Limitations

SAP informed in initial releases of S/4HANA that existing ECC customers will lose their user rights for Warehouse management (LE-WM) & Transportation (LE-TRA) under Logistics execution (LE) of SAP at the end of December 2025 (now extended to 2027) and recommended to migrate to Extended warehouse management (EWM) and Transportation management ( TM ) respectively. Many customers have done custom developments on LE-WM to meet their specific business requirements like barcode scanning etc. It is quite an uphill task for many customers to move to EWM while migrating from ECC to S/4HANA and hence SAP came out with Stockroom management (StRM) . My present blog is to discuss on advantages and limitations of StRM.


StRM is a new name for LE-WM for S/4HANA. If the customers do not have any business drivers to move from LE-WM to EWM, then they can continue (i.e no need for any kind of migration) using LE-WM if they do not need any functionalities as listed for limitations in SAP Note 2881166 or later in this blog.


  • Limited functionalities w.r.t LE-WM : StRM does not cover all functionalities of LE-WM . SAP Note 2881166 states

Functionalities that were available in Warehouse Management but are not part of Stock Room Management include Task & Resource Management (LE-TRM), Value Added Service (LE-WM-VAS), Yard Management (LE-YM), Cross-Docking (LE-WM-CD), Wave Management (LE-WM-TFM-CP), Decentral Warehouse Management (LE-WM-DWM) and Warehouse Control Unit Interface (LSR).

Hence, customers not using above functionalities in their existing LE-WM can use StRM and if the customers needs any of the above functionalities, then the recommendation is to migrate to EWM

  • Integration with LE-TRA or Transportation management ( TM )

Most of the warehouses use shipments to combine multiple deliveries for transportation of goods. In ECC , LE-WM could be interfaced / connected with LE-TRA for shipments. If a customer uses LE-TRA for shipments , then they have to migrate to Transportation management ( TM ) in S/4HANA as is evident from the ‘Supported integration ‘ as in below image (copy of attachment in SAP note 2813859).

As I understand , StRM can not be interfaced / connected with TM . Hence, in my view , warehouses using both LE-WM and LE-TRA will not be able to use StRM for their warehouse operations as they have to move to TM from LE-TRA. So, StRM will be useful only for customers not using shipments or transportation.

Please note that “ StRM can not be interfaced / connected with TM” is my personal understanding and it may be incorrect . Hence, request you to check with SAP for confirmation / discussion with customer . I also request SAP to clarify whether “ StRM can not be interfaced / connected with TM” is correct or not and update the above ‘Supported integration’ for TM in SAP Note 2813859 accordinlgly.

Update on 25th Feb’2021 : SAP has stated in a webinar today that StRM can be connected with TM.

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      Author's profile photo Marcin Bobowski
      Marcin Bobowski

      Nice staff, thanks.

      I really appreciate that SAP decided to continue with WM in S4 (whatever it is called now). I've got a chance to work wit both EWM & WM, and still find SAP WM as a very good and mature product.

      Regarding to interface with TM, I believe that StRM and TM integrate by delivery document, so other / direct connection is not needed.

      Author's profile photo Mrinal Kanti Roy
      Mrinal Kanti Roy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Marcin,

      Thanks .

      Regarding integration , I meant that StRM and TM can not be integrated through shipment (of LE-TRA) or freight order (TM).



      Author's profile photo Marcin Bobowski
      Marcin Bobowski

      Sorry for missunderstanding.

      Right, LE-TRA is not considered as a part of the future scope of S4, so SAP probably force customers to replace it with TM.

      Author's profile photo Mrinal Kanti Roy
      Mrinal Kanti Roy
      Blog Post Author

      Yes. SAP has provided StRM as an alternative to LE-WM , if not going for EWM. There is no other second alternative (as of now) for LE-TRA and hence TM is the only alternative for LE-TRA customers.

      Author's profile photo Jinoy Joshy
      Jinoy Joshy

      Thanks Mrinal for wonderful contribution.