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Tips & Tricks For SAP Fiori Apps Related to Inventory Management

This Blog post will help to

– Clarify basic doubts user may come across while working on different Inventory Management related apps

– Undersand few tricks on how to see the desried information by applying basic settings

Que – There is no provision to check Special Stock Type in APP Stock – Single Material

Ans- It’s standard system behavior of APP Stock- Single Material. Special stock type (SOBKZ) can be checked in APP “Stock – Multiple Materials”


Que – Is there any way to view the line item stock without Zero Stock in App “Stock – Single Material”

Ans – Yes, it can be achieved via Application settings in user profile

Let’s assume in below example, stock type with zero value are needed to exclude from the screen

In APP “Stock – Single Material” Click on User the select Application Settings

Select the Option “Hide all empty Columns” then click on Save

Post applying above changes, system will propose only stock line items where stock is not zero


Que- In Post Goods Receipt for Purchasing Document app, system does not show PO line item number

Ans – In below example, lets try to post goods receipt against PO 4500000062 comprising of three line items

Open SAP Fiori App – Post Goods Receipt for Purchasing Document. Here you will notice, line item number are missing which is standard behavior of this app

In case there is need to display line item number, alternate solution is use SAP Fiori app – “Post Goods Movement” which will eventually launch SAP GUI Screen T code MIGO. In this screen, item number can also be seen


Que – SAP Fiori App “Post Goods Movement for Purchasing Document” does not accept multiple purchase Order

Ans – Lets see what does system throw message upon entering more than one Purchase order in SAP Fiori App “Post Goods Movement”

In below example, Purchase order 4500000062 is entered first

When it’s tried to enter second PO e.g. 4500000063 system over writes last PO number & propose PO line items from newly entered PO else it will say “Unsaved changes may be lost”

Conclusion – Its Standard behavior of Fiori app, Alternatively another Fiori app “Post Goods Movement” can be used to process goods receipt against multiple purchase order


Que – System does not show aggregated stock of material at Plant Level in Fiori App “Stock – Multiple Material”

Ans – When you run the report as shown below, system shows the material stock at Storage location level whereas it shows ‘0’ at Plant Level

In order to view the total stock at plant, Go to settings & deselect the fields Storage location & Description of Storage location as shown below

After this, its possible to view the material stock at plant level

Alternatively, SAP Fiori App “Stock – Single Material “ can also be used to view the aggregated stock at Plant location with Sloc stock

Conclusion – We learnt few Tips & Tricks on SAP Fiori Apps for Inventory Management

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      Hemashree B

      Thanks for sharing Vivek!

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      Eric Yu

      Thanks Vivek for sharing this.

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      Vijayendra Tiwari


      Author's profile photo Vijaya Seelam
      Vijaya Seelam

      Is there any way to view total stock (Addition of unrestricted, quality inspection, blocked stock) at plant level through any of the available IM Fiori app?