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Studying SAP Activate and taking the SAP Certification in SAP Activate

** This post will continue to be updated – return here for the latest info **

Updated certification C_ACTIVATE12 is now published. Ways to attain the knowledge are the “collection 12” of ACT100  “SAP Activate Methodology” (labelled in the course description with “Solution Release:  SAP S/4HANA 1809”) PLUS the newest version, “collection 11” of course ACT200 “Agile Project Delivery”.

You can see the collection in the URL of the respective course description, as follows: Note the “12” representing the collection towards the end of the string in this URL of the course description –
Where you see the “g” following the “12”, this is where you will see in your case the country you are searching in – for example “DE” for Germany, “GB” for United Kingdom, “US” for United States, “IN” for India etc.

The C_ACTIVATE12 is the certification to go for if you have started studying and taken those courses this year, 2020.

Older certification C_ACTIVATE05 was available only **until July 31st 2020**.  Ways to attain the knowledge for it were an older version of course ACT100 (labelled in the course description with “Solution Release:  SAP S/4HANA 1610”) PLUS the newest version of course ACT200

The C_ACTIVATE05 certification could be taken while still available by those who did their training last year, 2019, on that older version of the ACT100 course.

The collection 12 update of ACT100 course represents a significant re-work of the course materials to reflect the updates of the SAP Activate methodology and field experience from the past two to three  years. There are numerous changes, one of which is the emphasis on work streams and the flow of deliverables in the work stream. More information is also provided about system conversion and selective data transition. There are changes virtually in each unit of the new training and we encourage users of SAP Activate to review the latest materials, especially if you plan to take the latest certification exam that is based on this collection.

A small update, collection 13, was recently completed. This mainly concerned SAP Fiori Library and UX activation. A corresponding review and update of the certification will happen later this year.

In the SAP Learning Hub, subscribers will find the e-book (handbook) of both collection 12 and collection 13 of ACT100 (under technical name e-book ACT100_EN_Col12) and the e-book (handbook) of collection 11 of ACT200 (under technical name e-book ACT200_EN_Col11).

Recently published in the SAP Learning Hub is the E-Learning of collection 12 of ACT100. The name of the E-Learning is ACT10e and SAP Learning Hub subscribers will find it in the SAP Learning Hub under technical name E-Learning ACT10e_EN_Col12.

Hoping that you will achieve great success in your studying of SAP Activate and in taking the certification.

Colin Bailey

Education Portfolio Manager, SAP Activate
SAP Knowledge and Education

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  • Thanks Colin for clarifying this so well. This should be publicised more widely on the learning journey page itself as many students are wasting precious time studying the older versions. When will the C_ACTIIVATE_05 exams be sunset ?

  • Thank you Colin Bailey for clarifying this in your blog.

    However, can I point out that the Learning Hub still has the course (EXAM C_ACTIVATE05) displayed inside which the 'Learning Journey' link actually takes one to the e-Learning/eBook material for C_ACTIVATE_12 exam?

    If SAP can address this, then it would avod the confusion in the first place.



    • I've looked at the Learning Journey for S/4HANA Implementation Tools in the Learning Hub, Siddharth. Clicking on the certification tile takes me to C_ACTIVATE12 as I would have wanted. Where are you looking? Perhaps we are in different places.

  • Hi Colin Bailey , thanks for your post. Do you know if the SAP Activate v05 will be recognized as well for while time? or is there an expiration planned date for it? I’m studying now for this version (05) and I’m going to take my exam before July 31st but I’m wondering if I will lose this effort to get it in this version or maybe is better to get the new version (12).

    • What do you mean by "recognised", Holdrin?

      I tried to summarise something of the benefits of the new ACT100 in the blog. We encourage study of that newer version.

  • Hi Collin,

    Very nice post on your blog.

    I got C_ACTIVATE_05 certification in December 2019 and just checked that this is no longer listed under “Available certifications” in .

    Does it mean that I need to retake it ? In other words, the one I took is no longer valid because it has expired?

    Thank you!

    • Under 'Available Certifications' you find the certifications that it is still possible to book, Eliel, but you have already taken C_ACTIVATE05. And passed - congratulations! C_ACTIVATE05 was retired from being able to be booked as of July 31st 2020. Should you study for and take C_ACTIVATE12 (or the upcoming ~13)? Consider there was significant rework of the course to reflect updates on the SAP Activate methodology in the last two to three years as mentioned in the post.