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Notification: Sort catalog codes on description

On the Catalog Selection pop-up screen in SAP GUI, a new Sort button is available to sort codes via description or codekeys (e.g. notification header, items, causes, tasks and activities).

In the SAP standard system, the entries in a codegroup are sorted by their codekey by default. You can use this button to sort the codes within a codegroup by their definitions in alphabetical order instead. (Note that the order of codegroups remains unchanged.) Pressing this button again will change the order back to the sorting by codekey.

The new functionality is now available with SAP Note 2870983, or with the SAP enhancement package 7 and SAP enhancement package 8 for SAP ERP as well as forĀ SAP S/4HANA. You can enable the new functionality by implementing either the SAP note or the corresponding support packages and switching on the Enterprise Asset Management Part 14 business function. To find out more, refer to the linked note.

If you have any questions on the functionality, please leave a comment, and I’ll be happy to answer!

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    • Hi Vignesh Veerasamy,

      thanks for your request. At the moment there are no other plans for this functionality. So you have the possibility to change the sequence of the list with this new sort button or you can use the search functionality via context menu -> find, to explicitly search for one for which you know some details.

      I regret not being able to give you another answer but I hope I could clarify the situation.

      Best regards,