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New Presentation on SAP Document Compliance for Peru (Facturación Electrónica)

Since SUNAT released the new electronic invoicing regulation some time ago based on UBL 2.1, it also started to request higher levels of information granularity and also issuing minor changes on regular basis, e.g.:

  • High frequency of business rules updates (up to twice a month)
  • Taxes calculation , information and summarization rules that differ at line item and header level
  • Tax withholdings rules have been updated (detractions)
  • Most customers require to connect to 3rd party validation services (OSEs)
  • Detailed information on activies performed.

After long analysis with the ecosystem (customers, partners and SAP experts) there have been a consensus that a new dynamic document generation approach was required to comply with this rules, in particular from Sales and Distribution scenarios.

With this new approach customers have a fully transparent way to map their sales operations data to comply with the government requirements, no matter how particular the pricing schema might be or how frequent the changes from the tax Office.



SAP Document Compliance – Electronic Invoicing for Peru version SUNAT 114-2019



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  • Daniel,  thanks a lot for taking into account customer and partners’ feedback to improve the product as we have been struggling with changing government regulations as well as dynamic business scenarios on SAP Document Compliance implementations and it was mandatory to have an homogenous cross solution integrated with SD pricing scheme/subtotals. Congratulations for this achievement!