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Why Choose SAP ABAP as A Career

In this blog, I will be introducing a top ERP software; SAP and its programming language ABAP. SAP, short for System Application and Products in data processing is one of the best available products in the ERP software market. Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP provides an end to end information management solution for an enterprise. An ERP consists of several modules which are used by different departments of the enterprise. These modules are integrated using ABAP programs. ABAP stands for Advanced Business and Application Programming and is the programming language of SAP.  ABAP programmers are called as ABAP consultants and are known to implement, develop, manage and maintain ABAP programs. To be an ABAPer, one should have a creative mind and sound technical background to overcome the challenges one may face during the development of an ABAP program; knowledge in object-oriented programming is an added advantage.

The career scope of SAP’s ABAP domain is wide. ABAP can give a major career boost up to a programmer considering their dedication levels. Upon becoming a part of the SAP community, one starts as a trainee, followed by a junior consultant, then a consultant then a senior consultant and then finally a lead consultant. The pay scale of an ABAP consultant on an average is approximately 50,000 INR. Learning SAP ABAP will not only enhance your credentials but will also open many doors of opportunity and will give you a long lasting and financially secure future. An ABAP consultant’s career is never stagnant as the business process keeps changing, the technologies also keep getting updated from time to time which compels the person to adapt to the changes and learn new upcoming technologies. The career of an ABAPer is not just intellectually enriching but also professionally and financially rewarding.

SAP is widely used around the globe by millions of companies and one of the main reasons behind its popularity is that it was specially developed for distributed applications. ABAP gives extensive flexibility to the SAP applications such that diverse database systems can be amalgamated as per user requirements.

To begin your career in ABAP, one must complete their course where you will be taught about SAP ABAP. After that you would be hired as a trainee consultant. From here onwards, you will receive hands-on experience in the SAP world. As a fresher, you would be given additional training in the organisation for an estimated three months. After that, you would be assigned live projects where the requirements will be given to you by the functional consultants. These requirements need to be completed within a stipulated amount of time.

Many companies worldwide are on a hunt for skilled ABAP consultants, but are facing difficulties to find them, just because there aren’t enough skilful ABAPers. To cope up with this gap, one must practice with dedication and take on new challenges from time to time. Since ABAP developers have to learn new technologies, they would have to keep updating their knowledge horizon to keep themselves relevant to the industry and hence every day would consist of solving new tasks and challenges.

At last, I would like to wish all of you a very best of luck with your careers.

Keep learning & innovating!


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