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General Overview of SAP Fiori Apps Related To Purchase Requisition Process

This Blog post intends to highlight important feature & functionalities of most commonly used Fiori App for Purchase Requisition Process mentioned below

  • Create Purchase Requisition

  • My Purchase Requisition

  • Manage Purchase Requisition

  • Manage Purchase Requisition – Professional

  • Create Purchase Order via Purchase Requisition Assignment List

  • Create Purchase Requisition – Advanced

  • Redistribute workloads

  • Monitor Purchase Requisition items

These PR related apps has specific role & usage under different scope IDs. In some scenarios, its possible to navigate from one PR app to another PR app & few apps are bundled version of different SAP GUI based T codes to support seamless user experience. In next section, key feature of each fiori app is explained at high level which will be easy for user to corelate it with business process

1) SAP Fiori App – Create Purchase Requisition (App ID F1643)

Key Features

  • Support Employee Self Service functionality

  • Support Requisition for Material & Services, using wild card characters

  • Product selection from catalogues or free text description for item to be procured

  • Add multiple account assignment

  • Approval through Manage Workflow for Purchase Requisition app

2) SAP Fiori App – My Purchase Requisitions (App ID F1639)

Key Features

  • Enable Requester to view their PR’s created through last SAP Fiori App “Create Purchase Requisition”

  • Requester can create follow on documents such as goods receipt & return delivery

  • Approval status of PR

  • Copy & Change functions

3) SAP Fiori App – Manage Purchase Requisitions (App ID F1048)

Key Features

  • Assign source of supply e.g. Vendor, Info Record, Source List or Outline Agreement

  • Display processing status of PR

  • Provision to create & preview follow on document e.g. Contract, Purchase order or RFQ in same screen

  • Navigate to Manage Purchase Requisitions- Professional app if its required to carry any changes in PR

4) SAP Fiori App – Manage Purchase Requisitions Professional (App ID F2229)

Key Features

  • Provision to create Purchase requisition by Selecting a document type
  • Supports creation for PR for Material, Services, limit items & selection of items from catalogues
  • Ability to propose PR item prices as Gross Price or Net price in Purchase order or option of no selection
  • Assign Source of Supply e.g. info record, contracts, scheduling agreements or fixed suppliers
  • Support editing and viewing of purchase requisitions created through app “Create Purchase Requisition advanced”
  • PR Status display.Workflow approval through Manage Workflow for Purchase Requisitions
  • Preview of origin of PR creation e.g. Self Service, Manual or through Sales & distribution module

5) SAP Fiori App – Create Purchase Order via Purchase Requisition Assignment List (App ID ME58)

Key Features

This app is a SAP GUI for HTML transaction ME58

6) SAP Fiori App – Create Purchase Requisition – Advanced (App ID ME51N)

Key Features

  • In certain scenarios e.g. complex services with item category D. Purchase requisition can be created using Create Purchase Requisition Advanced app
  • It’s follows traditional GUI based PR creation process using T code ME51n

Other useful apps related to Purchase Requisition

7) SAP Fiori app – Redistribute Workloads (App ID F2504)

Key Features

Work Re-distribution is part of strategic Purchasing adopted in S/4 HANA from SRM. It allows a manage to transfer workload from one person to another depending on work load and person availability. Using this app, its possible to change Purchasing group for multiple PR’s at one step

8) SAP Fiori app – Monitor Purchase Requisition Item (App ID F2424)

Key features

  • All items for Purchase Requisition are displayed as individual line items in the output list
  • Display list of purchase requisition items based on various filter criteria such as purchase requisition, purchasing organization, purchasing group, material group, plant, and so on
  • Navigate to view contextual information related to a material

Additional Learning For Each SAP Fiori App

  • Create Purchase Requisition‘F1643’)/S20

  • My Purchase Requisitions‘F1639’)/S21

  • Manage Purchase Requisitions‘F1048’)/S21

  • Manage Purchase Requisition – Professional‘F2229’)/S21

  • Create Purchase Order via Purchase Requisition Assignment List‘ME58’)/S21

  • Create Purchase Requisition – Advanced‘ME51N’)/S21

  • Redistribute workloads‘F2504’)/S21

  • Monitor Purchase Requisition items‘F2424’)/S21

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