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Author's profile photo Sammar Razdhan

SAP Project Systems – Functional Improvements

Hello Friends,

The purpose of this blog post is to put out the recent functional improvements which have happened in SAP Project Systems domain.

These improvements have been around now for almost 4 years. There are close to 23 improvements which have happened over a period of time, the complete list of improvements  are listed in the composite SAP Note 2367898.

Out of these improvements, I think the two mentioned below have a strong usability in SAP PS Projects and daily functioning within the user community..

  1. CNMASSCREATE:- Mass Creation of Projects & WBS Elements
  • Mass creation/update of Projects and WBS elements using the new T-Code CNMASSCREATE.
  • The details on how to get it is provided in the SAP Note 2321481

  • The transaction allows the user to download a simple excel template to add the details of Project, WBS elements details to upload.
  • The report provides the option to run the upload in test mode to check for any errors and then run it in actual mode. The spool is generated for the success and failures if the report is run in the background mode.

Following point should be noted here

  • This transaction doesn’t support the creation of Network & Activities.
  • It allows updates to custom fields added at the Project or WBS level i.e. appended in Table PROJ or PRPS.
  • It doesn’t support updates to Investment Management fields at the WBS level.

2. CNMASSSTATUS:- Mass Status Changes for WBS elements across different projects

  • The New transaction CNMASSSTATUS can be used to set or reset the System status or User Status of an object within the Project/s.
  • The details on getting the transaction active can be taken from SAP Note 2330142.

  • The transaction allows users to set/rest the status of WBS/Network/ Activities.


Hope it helps you in finding at one place the recent functional improvements in SAP PS..

Cheers – Sammar

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      Author's profile photo Paulo Vitoriano
      Paulo Vitoriano

      Nice update from you! ūüôā

      Author's profile photo Sammar Razdhan
      Sammar Razdhan
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks, got the idea for this write up after our discussion.. Hope you got the solution for the IM field updates.. ūüôā

      Author's profile photo Felipe Ferreira Esteves
      Felipe Ferreira Esteves


      I think that use the function AIPP_ALLOCATE_POSITION_DARK after the WBS element created.

      Here we did like this. Look at a bit part of the code...

            i_obart                = 'PR'
            i_kokrs                = 'AC10'
            i_objnr                = <fs_elem_pep>-objnr
            i_posid                = lv_posid
            i_dyntab_dark          = ti_dyntab_dark
            i_flg_upd_on_commit    = 'X'
            e_update               = lv_update
            alloc_already_exists   = 1
            alloc_no_proposal_made = 2
            error_occured          = 3
            OTHERS                 = 4.

      So, I hope was helpfull.

      Rgs, Felipe Esteves.

      Author's profile photo S J
      S J

      Hi we tried to use the T code for creation of Proj Defn and WBS .But it gives just a error text message " Final check of the project definition and the WBS elements: Error Fill out all required entry fields . Hence, project and it's wbs elements could not be created."- without giving any further details and if we create the data manually with CJ01 , it is able to create .Parallely used BAPI to create and found that IM related fields are to be filled out , though optional.Any input around the same

      Thanks & regards


      Author's profile photo Sammar Razdhan
      Sammar Razdhan
      Blog Post Author

      Are there any mandatory fields which are missed. Please check your excel template which you are using to upload the data.

      Author's profile photo Mireya Alarcon
      Mireya Alarcon

      I created a replication model to send data to Fieldglass, when I create a new WBS in t-code CJ20N¬† the record is replicated automatically but using CNMASSCREATE¬† I don¬īt see the replication. Any one knows if¬† it has a limitations replicating data automatically¬† over replication Model( t-code DRFOUT)?

      Author's profile photo Sammar Razdhan
      Sammar Razdhan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Mireya,

      Not really sure, why would system behave in that manner, I will suggest to check the Method SaveReplica in your model to see if any condition is getting missed when the project is getting created from CNMASSCREATE.



      Author's profile photo Shitiz Sethi
      Shitiz Sethi

      Hi Sammar,

      i have gone through your blog, it is really value added blog

      Request to provide the same information about other 21 points as well

      Appreciate your help




      Author's profile photo Sammar Razdhan
      Sammar Razdhan
      Blog Post Author


      The details on the new improvements are there in the mentioned note -


      You can also check the What's new documentation for recent feature developments.


      Best Regards