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Author's profile photo Peter Spielvogel

SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP11 now available. Empower remote workers with more intuitive screens, supported through 2040

With many employees working remotely now, we are receiving requests from customers who want to use SAP Screen Personas to empower people to access their SAP ERP systems from their home computers, including tablets and smart phones. SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Service Pack 11 (SP11) fulfills this need with new functionality to simplify flavor creation for business analysts, departmental power users, and IT professionals. To continue aligning our support with SAP S/4HANA, we too have extended our support through 2040. Some of my favorite new features in SP11 include:


  • Clipboard to “park” controls as you combine screen elements from different tabs.
  • Numerical keyboard for mobile devices saves keystrokes when you need to fill a numerical field on your phone
  • Framework-specific default flavors based on different members of the SAP GUI family
  • Typeahead options for virtual controls
  • Accessibility options with high-contrast SAP Fiori 3 theme
  • More SAPUI5 versions supported
  • New keyboard shortcuts for undo and redo help improve the flavor editor experience


Clipboard make flavor developers more productive

It has long been possible to merge information from different tabs. We have included this in several of our SAP TechEd hands-on exercises. A common usability complaint was the people did not want to click through multiple tabs to find or enter information.


The previous process was easy enough. Drag the information you want to combine into a blank part of the canvas, hide the tab containers, and then drag into the final position. When you are working from home on a laptop, this becomes more difficult as there is often not enough screen real estate to park the controls. The clipboard or “parking lot” addresses this issue. It allows you to copy multiple controls to a separate space that is not constrained by your screen size. The result is that it is much easier to build flavors that combine information from multiple tabs in the same transaction.

Numerical keyboard streamlines data entry

When entering data on your phone or tablet, you sometimes need to toggle among different keyboards to access numbers or special characters. Most people are used to this and don’t think too much about it. But, if you are entering a number into a field, why not go straight to the numerical keyboard to speed the process and save keystrokes. This is what we have provided with this new feature in SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP11


Framework-specific flavors simplify maintenance

People like to work the way they like to work. This means that some prefer the SAP GUI for Windows, some the SAP GUI for HTML (Web GUI), some the SAP GUI for Java (Java GUI), and some the Slipstream Engine. The same flavor displayed in each of these rendering engines looks slightly different.

We have simplified how you can maintain these flavors by allowing you to define a default flavor for a specific framework in the admin transaction.


Typeahead makes building flavors faster

When adding custom controls to the flavors, you can now enable Type-ahead functionality for the controls associated with F4 functionality. This will allow users to select the values as they type based on the suggested values for the F4 help.

Accessibility options allow visually impaired employees to use SAP more easily

We want all our customers to benefit from the simpler screens that SAP Screen Personas enables. To extend the reach of our flavors, we have added some additional accessibility options, including the high-contrast theme in SAP Fiori 3.


Even more SAPUI5 versions are now supported for Slipstream Engine Applications

With the SP11 release we not only introduced support for additional SAPUI5 versions such as version 1.71 and 1.72 and support for the SAPUI5 Fiori 3 Dark theme, but we also completely redesigned the internal Slipstream Engine SAPUI5 version management. The new design enables us to deliver support for new SAPUI5 versions more rapidly. We also provide version support for previous service pack releases. For example, we are happy to announce that SAP Screen Personas SP10 now supports SAPUI5 version 1.71.

Compare various versions of SAP Screen Personas.


Support extended through 2040

I really hope this one makes customers, partners, and colleagues realize that SAP Screen Personas is a key part of SAP’s long-term user experience strategy. SAP Screen Personas remains a fast, easy, cost-effective, and low-risk way to provide the SAP Fiori user experience for SAP GUI transactions.


Here is our current support strategy for SAP Screen Personas 3.0.

  1. SAP Screen Personas 3.0 is aligned with SAP S/4HANA support. This is now through 2040.
  2. We support the current as well as the two previous Service Packs. What does this mean to you?
    • SP11 will receive continuous innovation
    • SP10 will get important fixes and selected down ports
    • SP09 will receive emergency fixes
    • SP08 and earlier will no longer be supported (time to upgrade!)


System requirements

SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP11 works on a variety of systems from SAP S/4HANA to some much older versions. Specifically:

Basis Minimum Service Pack Additional Notes Required? Supported Kernels
S/4HANA All No 749+
750 All No 749, 753
740 SP03 Yes 749, 753
731 SP07 Yes 722
702 SP09 Yes 722
701 SP10 Yes 722
700 SP25 Yes 722


For SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP11, the supported kernel releases and their corresponding minimum and recommended (as of May 22, 2020) patch levels are listed below. You do not need to update your kernel to move to the latest version of SAP Screen Personas, if your system is on a supported kernel release.


Kernel release 777 –> No minimum patch level  –> Recommended patch level 100 or higher

Kernel release 773 –> No minimum patch level  –> Recommended patch level 201 or higher

Kernel release 753 –> Minimum patch level 27   –> Recommended patch level 615 or higher

Kernel release 749 –> Minimum patch level 400 –> Recommended patch level 800 or higher

Kernel release 722 –> Minimum patch level 400 –> Recommended patch level 900 or higher


See the SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP11 Master Note 2919666 for more details and updated recommendations.


For SAP S/4HANA 1809 and 1909 customers who use Slipstream Engine

There is a known Slipstream Engine compatibility issue when backend sessions cannot be created due to a kernel limitation in the SAP Stack Kernel version 773 and above. Unfortunately, the kernel compatibility issues are introduced on components outside our scope of responsibility, and measures are currently being taken to address the problem with high priority. Please consider creating a BC-PER incident ticket to discuss the possible solutions.


Continuous improvement

We already have some exciting things planned for SP12, so please send us your requests (via email or as a comment to this blog) for anything you would like to see in SP13 and beyond.


Next Steps


For the SAP Screen Personas product team, Peter Spielvogel.


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      Author's profile photo Damean-BF Chen
      Damean-BF Chen

      Enhancement request

      1) ALV Tables. E.g. Wrap around text column


      2) ALV Table: Custom Search Help for ALV Columns,

      3) ShowF4Help() improvement - The current function could only send and return the same parameter e.g. Send material description, return material description. Hopefully, we could improve it so that it could be more ERP like i.e. I want to send material description & return material number. Or better still, able to return multiple values. E.g. Lookup Material Number; return both the Material Number and the Description to screen.

      Author's profile photo Tamas Hoznek
      Tamas Hoznek

      Damean, thanks for these suggestions. I agree that these would be very useful. For the 3rd one, it is possible to make this work but of course there is a lot of room for improvement. A standard way would be best that eliminates the extra work and visual imperfection of this solution.

      Author's profile photo Carlos Tinoco-Vilchez
      Carlos Tinoco-Vilchez

      Hello Peter,

      are there any performance improvements at the SP11 compared with the SP10? we have some reaction time problems with some flavors within the SAP Gui for Windows.

      Is there any new functionality in the Sap Gui for Windows mode?





      Author's profile photo Peter Spielvogel
      Peter Spielvogel
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Carlos,

      In every release, we make changes to the code that result in incremental improvements to performance. That said, most of our optimizations are focused on Slipstream Engine, where we see many customers using SAP Screen Personas on a variety of devices. We did not do anything specific for SAP GUI for Windows in SP11.

      Although we own Slipstream Engine, rendering of SAP Screen Personas 3.0 customizations for other clients such as SAP GUI for HTML and SAP GUI for Windows generally fall into responsibility of respective teams, therefore it is very important to make sure that not only SAP Screen Personas, but also the client version used is up-to-date before raising any performance concerns.

      Performance is the result of the interaction among many components and factors. Is the hardware optimized, network, proper clients running, scripts tuned to minimize number of round trips? If you have an issue, please open an incident and we can investigate further.


      Author's profile photo Carlos Tinoco-Vilchez
      Carlos Tinoco-Vilchez

      Thanks Peter,

      we will check our network. I will also check the number of round trips. It use to happens by transactions, where we have merged some tabs.




      Author's profile photo John Pietrowski
      John Pietrowski

      Any plans to update the open sap courses to use this new version.  Trying to follow along with videos and  things do not match up.  How to remove SAP Easy Access Label, where are backgrounds you use in the videos(belize) sap logo is white when added, etc.


      Author's profile photo Peter Spielvogel
      Peter Spielvogel
      Blog Post Author

      Hi John,

      I can certainly understand your frustration of following along to "click here" and the control does not exist or is moved to a different place.I find this myself when looking online for help and the article or video does not match what's installed on my system.

      We have online help built into the product, so if you know the name of the item you need to find, the help should direct you to the proper menu. We never remove functionality, so if something is not where it shows in the openSAP course, we have moved it somewhere else, likely in response to customer feedback or usability testing to make the product easier to use.

      At this point, we have no plans to update the course during the next year. The more recent the openSAP course, the closer it will match to the current version of the product.


      Author's profile photo Olivier Abbeloos
      Olivier Abbeloos

      In the Purchase Order Creation transaction (ME21N), there’s a functionality to take different items from different purchase requisition and transform it into a single purchase order.

      It’s in the document overview, where i can find all my purchase requisitions, in a ALV tree view, and i can select, for example, 2 items from 1 purchase requisition and 1 from another purchase req., and use the drag and drop functionality to drop it in the « basket icon ».
      By doing this, my selected items became new items for my purchase order.

      It's possible with Sap Gui for HTML and i think it could be very usefull to add this functionnality in the SlipStream Engine.

      Author's profile photo Niklas Westphal
      Niklas Westphal

      We are using NetWeaver 7.4 with Kernel 749. In the Windows GUI we are already using Belize Theme, but it doens´t seem to work with the Webgui for NW 7.4. Is it planned to use Belize for Webgui with NW 7.4?