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Blog It Forward – Ujjwal Singh

Isn’t it fun, to be in our own world, where we think something and smile, we crack jokes inside and laugh, we thought of some memories and cherish and what not.

Sometimes even we create a scenario and start filming way to save everyone, we’re super hero, sometimes villain, sometimes joker…we’re everything. Because its our world and we’re the one who calls the shot here.

There is saying that goes “Yes sometimes I need expert advice so I talk to myself”

My opinion goes like, its really great you’ve family, friend, relatives…but at end of day you are friend of your own.

Our closed ones can not always be moving with us, we grow, we go out, we learn, we experience…good or bad, happy or sad, mom or dad, your pal or your lad… Can’t be around, always.

We’re in school, our friends were world to us…we’re in college, god!! What kindda life is this, insane. This time not just friends…we make brothers. No match of those memories.

I bet you, if I ask, best phase of your life?…believe me its your college days! Sadly that also didn’t stay for long, time flied like anything.

You’ve now your 9 to 5 job, barely you get time to have word with your friends, who kept lying in your room for whole day…watching all the seasons together, roasting faculties or literally anyone.

What now? Who is with you? Its you only!

Your friends are replaced by colleagues, you no more write semester exams…you write codes. You no more go to roadside stall/shops with your friends, you go to office party and to restaurant with colleagues.

So, its you who always stays with you. And this you is nothing but your will power. Your perseverance to stand tall in whatever situation comes.

Now we all are in our home, some are away from their loved ones some together, locked inside, missing old fun days.

But believe me, you’re weak, till the time you think you are. Nothing can stand against your persistence. Make your mind, embrace this new normal.

Just look back, you’ve adjusted yourself not once or twice but many times, this is what life has taught us, Change!

New place, new friends, new life. Life keeps rolling, so enjoy this ride and make this new your new friend, believe me…peace is around you just need to tap lid of the box, happiness will pop out?

So here I’m nominating some of the community members, whom I really admire and would like to hear from them, how they’re sailing through this new normal.

How there routine has changed, what new they’ve explored, what’s that, which they’re missing the most, first place which they’d visit after things restore, first shop they’d hit, first meal they’ll have and what not.

So share your experience/thoughts/views and help us in spreading positivity and happiness!

Here goes the nominations…

Michelle Crapo

Łukasz Pęgiel

Fausto Motter

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